20Cogs Review 2018 – Does it actually work?

We are all witness that the internet is filled with “ways how to make money online”. The list includes numerous ways how to make money online, a long list this that is not made purely from safe products. A large number of scams is also included.

Is 20cogs one of them?

20cogs review

Trust issues – a well-known word and frailty for most parts of our society today, leading to lack of trust in most of the things we encounter, especially the ones on the internet. And that is not a bad thing if fear is not included. Security should never be left behind.

Today I invite you to follow my lead to a close and honest review of a well-known source to make a certain amount of extra money online.

This time I am talking about 20Cogs.

From the legitimacy to how it works and the ways you can earn using it – all you need to know, you will find in this honest 20Cogs review. Let’s go straight in!

Is 20Cogs Scam or Legitimate?

What I can confirm is that, 20Cogs is totally legitimate and you don’t have to worry whether you are playing with the fire for a sum of just over £200. It is legitimate indeed, and it actually works.

The fact that they have a very strict Privacy Policy on their behalf, is a strong factor that convinces of their legitimacy.

What’s more?

How Does 20cogs Work

The entire process requires from a couple of days up to months. The payment is done pretty quick after the colors of the tasks are turning grey.

Pretty much everybody would use some extra money, wouldn’t we?

There is a long range of variety of the tasks you have to complete, and the list contains surveys and visiting certain sites. Most of the cases though, require sign-ups to specific platforms or sites or even upgrading in order to complete the task, in return to cash out the main prize. Only after completion of each and every task.

Who Can Use 20cogs

Shortly speaking, pretty much everyone who owns a phone, much preferably a laptop or PC and able to connect to a reliable internet network can join and start earning. 20cogs is based in the United Kingdom, but able to use through all the world.

NOTE: You will also need a card to make the online payments in order to complete the tasks. The same is true for most of the cogs.

Is 20Cogs Worthy?

You have to invest in the range of £80 to £100 to entirely complete each and every task there is. The amount of money you have to pay for a specific task to complete it ranges from £1-20. Make sure you go till the end, or you risk leaving your money behind.

If you go till the end you can get back “up” and actually earn something over £120 Netto, which you can withdraw.

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20Cogs Customer Review

20Cogs reviews by guests

Without hesitation I can confirm that they have an undoubtedly helpful customer service, working on your behalf and that, in a very fast and professional manner.

The fast assistance they provide makes them a reliable source for its customers. The fact this, embraced by a well-recognized majority of those who required support, receiving a fast response to their issue with the proper help.

I attached an exact example of what I am talking about… =>

Fast and accurate.

Ways You Can Earn Using 20Cogs

There is only one way you can earn through 20Cogs, and that includes the well-known way of completing 20 tasks or “Cogs”, as they call it. It is essential to know that you will cash out only after you complete ALL of them.

After each task completion the task color is supposed to turn green, means you’re all ready to go to the next one. You need all of them to be of green color to succeed.

Completing all the tasks means you turn out eligible to earn between £200 and £250 in total, without any risk or hard-work.

The question which much probably is circling your mind is… is all this worth it?

20Cogs Cons

  • One of the most common issues users face when using 20Cogs is a delay, even though not so long in most cases, to get the completion of the tasks confirmed and ready to move on. Several cases have reported that they needed to send screenshots of their work in order to get the approval for the task. That’s not pretty fun.
  • It is true that requires a lot of patience and definitely won’t go well without it. There are cases with reported completion time within just a few days, but there also those who reported that it required up to 3 or 4 months to finish all the tasks. It depends on how efficient you are and how much time you are willing to invest on it.
  • Another con of this program is that any of the tasks require you to actually PAY something in order to complete it to go on with the other ones. The payment is included as part of sign-ups, in-game purchases or other charges which can go as high as £20.

Overall Rating

When it comes to numbers, my list of ratings for 20Cogs’ most important features and its overall rating would be as below.

Name: 20Cogs
Website: www.20cogs.co.uk
Recommended:          Yes
Usability:                      4.1 out of 5
Customer service:      4.5 out of 5
System functionality: 3.5 out of 5
Earning potential:      3.5 out of 5
Profit withdrawal:      4.5 out of 5
Overall Rating:            4.3 out of 5


This was my honest 20Cogs review, with the purpose of clearing your mind and helping you to make the best decision for your self. However, the final decision is up to you.

Some extra money at the end of the month won’t hurt anybody, therefore, if you have enough patience and time to go through its twenty cogs and complete all of them, then I would highly recommend 20Cogs to you.

20Cogs sign-up offer
Click here if you want to join 20cogs now.

Even though not a suggested source if you are willing to found your own business online up and running, 20 Cogs is totally legitimate and safe, yet very useful to use, and that makes it a lovely way to earn some extra money from the comfort of your couch at home.



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    • Hey Melanie!

      As first, thank you for your going through the post and your comment, as well.
      Now, let me answer your question: the brutto earnings from 20Cogs ranges from £240-260 with a netto from £110-130 by completing all the tasks or “cogs”, and the earnings differ from each-other by the completion time and special offers which differ slightly from time to time. For any other questions, feel free to ask and I will be happy to assist you.


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