A CashCrate Review: What you don’t want to miss

Whenever the name CashCrate is mentioned, one will surely think of yet another program that is trying to deceive its audience into an erroneous way in the modern mountain full of beasts with the well-known name of the Internet.

CashCrate logo

Is CashCrate just another one of the kind?

Therefore today I decided to bring to light a CashCrate review and all this is about. Get the answers to everything you need to know about it. Whether it is a scam or safe, how it functions and the ways you can earn through it. Stay with me!

Is CashCrate Scam or Legitimate?

I can say very confidently that CashCrate is totally legit and safe to use, and protection for its users’ information. Well, up to a regular point of security.

One thing is for sure, CashCrate is not trying to deceive you into a black hole that sips your money with no way out. Instead, it is a legit operating program you can go for without worries.

How it Works

Like most of the other rewarding platforms, CashCrate pays its customers for every survey taken, sign-up, watching videos or even shopping. They even have a referral program that pays you for every friend you suggest to them.

They get sponsored by companies who are willing to advertise their products, for the company itself to share it with its own customers. The reward per survey can be in the range of 5-10 dollar cents and up to $15 or $20.

Who Can Use It

You can use CashCrate even through phone, but I think it’s obvious that Laptop or PC is much more preferred, as they provide way better image definitions and site performance. Other than that, there is no exception on nationality, skin color or any other group of people on who can use it and who can not.

Cost and Value

CashCrate balance.

There is no charge to join as it is totally free to use. You will even be gifted $1 upon joining. There are not a lot of happy news when talking about the actual value of the time spent in CashCrate, as the earning potential is not very high. Pretty low actually.

More time you spend on it you are supposed to make more money and learn tricks that ease your job, and even the best time to log in to catch the best offers. You need at least $20 to cash out. As I said, you need time though.

At the end of the day, it is not expected to pay bills by doing surveys, is it?

Customer Service

The support the guests receive from the customer service in CashCrate is definitely not something to be cheered on. It is a fact that they used to offer great support with fast response to its customers’ needs, but can securely say those times are left behind now. Their customer service is nothing more than an average one, as for 2018.

Ways You Can Earn Through CashCrate

Ways you can earn through CashCrate
Surveys inside CashCrate

A CashCrate review on the ways you can earn through it is something everyone is seeming to be looking for. Let’s go straight in!

Shortly speaking, CashCrate  is known for paying its customers for small favors, like doing surveys, sign-ups or checking games and even leveling up. Each of the tasks offers a specific amount of reward which will be shown before clicking the offer and accepting to complete it.

Except for surveys and sign-ups, you can also earn through watching videos, shopping online or even by simply referring your friends to join, in return to earn a small percentage of the total of your friends’ earnings. You have to make at least $20 to cash out.

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CashCrate Cons

When it comes to Cons of CashCrate, I can hardly come short of them either. The list includes:

  • Customer service – Not very supportive and not very fast to answer to their customers.
  • Earning potential – Very low earning possibilities.
  • The slow withdrawal of money – It requires almost a month to have your money on the bank from the day you order your withdrawal.
  • Big time, little money – It also needs a pretty long time to get to the point to withdrawal even the minimum pay-out check.

That is hardly what you are looking for, is it?

Overall Rating of CashCrate

If I would turn a cashcrate review into numbers, then it would look like below.

Name: CashCrate
Website: www.cashcrate.com
Usability:                      4.0 out of 5
Customer Service:      3.0 out of 5
System functionality: 3.8 out of 5
Earning potential:      3.3 out of 5
Profit withdrawal:      3.5 out of 5
Overall rating:            3.4 out of 5


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All in all, I would only recommend CashCrate if you are not expecting to make some decent income but simply as a pastime or some pretty small amount of extra income, probably for a coffee or dinner with your loved one. However, there is hardly more than that.

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