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I am Hekuran, born in a small country located in South-Eastern Europe – Kosovo. Very beautiful country with loving people. I have spent last couple of years living in Dubai. English was my favorite language as I grew up and so I kept trying my best to be as good at it as possible, to this day.About Hekuran

Never having the possibility to continue my studies on Dental Technician, the same education that I got a Diploma on because of financial incapability, I grabbed the first opportunity to move to Dubai.

Working as a server is not everyone’s dream when growing up, yet I decided to hold tight on every single opportunity life throw out at me.

From a low expectation to a wonderful experience of 3 years in Dubai, endless adventures and events, met amazing people and an experience I never regret, in general.

I came back home for a few months where I worked online as a content writer for almost anyone who asked me to, on any niche. Some of them even running on their pay day.

Trying almost every page that promised me making money online to the point I got so desperate that I gave my password to one of the “employees”, which led my situation from bad to worse.

One day, while checking on google if a site that promised me money per referral was legitimate or a scam, the girl that wrote the article was very clear that the website was a scam and led me to a real online money making program, simultaneously. It didn’t take long since I accepted her kind suggestion to join in, just to understand that a new chapter had began.


As I mentioned above, I know how it is being on the ground and disheartened with no hope. I know how it feels and I want you to know that you can count on me on your fight towards scams and your online business success, something Wealthy Affiliate community teaches me daily.

The goal of my website is to to help you handle fraudulent activities around you and to share with you the legitimate working programs that are safe to use. And worthy of your time.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me through my personal email heku@workhomenoscams.com

Stay safe!


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