6 Tips on How to Avoid Anti Aging Scams

Everyone is beautiful in their special way and so is everybody feature they got. The skin is one of them. Often times is described as one of the main factors for a younger and fresher look, as it pretty much shows the age of a person.

The older one gets, the more wrinkles tend to appear, especially in the face. Nobody likes wrinkles, do we?

So the hunt for a perfect anti-aging product starts and is often a cold, never-ending battle as people go from one fake product to another, spend time but not finding a real solution.
Anti Aging scamsFake products in the health and beauty industry are not a newborn fraud, as most of us have encountered one that was just a waste of money and ended up in the trash bag, instead of our face. The tradition seems to go on.

Therefore, today I decided to write this guide on how to recognize and avoid an “anti-aging” scam, starting from how it works.

If you have fallen prey to such fraud, sure enough, you will find yourself in it and you will see how you fell for it; and if you are not then I am happy for you, and I would love you to separate 2 mins of your life with me on this post and avoid your losing money in such products. Let’s deep right in!

What is an Anti Aging Products Scam?

The TV is full of advertisements promising “to look 10 or 15 years younger” without a single action required, and that for one of the most convenient prices in the market. Something should definitely be wrong with that, right?

Well, it seems way too easy to get to a conclusion now that you most probably have cold blood and no one is tempting you to buy such a product or is offering you such an awesome offer to get your young skin back, which makes your emotions lose stability pretty easy. Who wouldn’t be tempted by such an offer?

With this, I want to say that in this kind of situation often the emotions can reach a higher level or even completely control us and even lead us to make inappropriate, hurried decisions that we will have to regret.

You are not alone. This fraud has been one of the most growth in the US lately, as millions of dollars are getting lost in the hands of such products. The ECommerce agency seems to get almost the same reports every day, and that is something that requires attention.

How Do Anti-Aging Scams Work

While it’s true that there are a lot of fake anti-aging products out there that do nothing but take your money away, some recent studies have shown that there are actually a lot of them that contain very dangerous carcinogens like arsenic, cadmium, or beryllium. Except for high levels of aluminum, such products have resulted to contain a huge amount of bacteria, that is said to come from urine.

Most of the anti-aging frauds come from far-away countries, which is why they don’t count it as a high-risk activity. Not all countries will be willing to cooperate with the country of victimized residents, with many of the fraud remaining in freedom.

How to Recognize Anti-Aging Scams

Some of the most useful tips on how to recognize an “anti-aging” product fraudulent include:

    • Most of the fraudulent offers will come as “way too good to be real“, and that’s how it is most of the time.
    • They tend to offer you a “secret formula” that you cannot find anywhere else or the doctors don’t want you to know about.
    • Products that are able to heal a wide variety of illnesses are a lie in over 98% of the cases. Especially when dealing with any serious illnesses.
    • Most fraudulent anti-aging products come with the promise to have no side effects.
    • They promise you won’t need to visit a doctor and you can start using it immediately.

6 Simple Steps How to Avoid Anti-Aging Scams

Now after you have read the ways you can recognize an anti-aging scam, you will much probably know when you are dealing with one. If you are not sure yet what are you supposed to do when getting an “over the top offer” to get your young skin back, then follow these 6 simple steps to slightly reduce the chances for this fraud to happen to you.

Don’t accept an offer that seems to be too good to be true, that does not make common sense (at least not from a stranger).

  1. Search the internet for more information on the seller.
  2. Get in touch with Better Business Bureau if there are any complaints on the same product by other customers recently.
  3. Don’t trust “immediate effect” promises. There is no such immediate effect on anti-aging products, certainly.
  4. The presence of a celebrity or testimonials from other people in the product promotion doesn’t mean that you have to trust the product, as often has resulted to be misleading, instead.
  5. Don’t take any medical treatment or product before consulting with your family doctor.

Following these 6 easy steps and they will be your game-changer avoiding anti-aging scams in your life. Thank me later!

2 Replies to “6 Tips on How to Avoid Anti Aging Scams”

  • Hello Heku,

    Nice article! There are so many anti-aging products for sale that it’s ridiculous. Some are good but I know that many are just garbage. After this article I definitely know how to spot them a little better! I will definitely pass this information on to others. Thank you!

    • Hey Dan!

      Anti-aging products are a reliable umbrella for the fraudulent to hide under, safe and secure sometimes even as legitimate ones, not a good news this for the rest of us. However, I am glad you found my article and would make me feel even better if you never actually fall from this type of fraud after reading it. Thank your comment, Dan. For any other questions, feel free to write to me once again.


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