Dating Scams – 8 Tips How to Avoid Them

As in almost every industry, one can think of, scams are using love and romance in order to get into their victims’ personal information and even wallet.

There are tons of dating sites on the internet right now and sure enough, a lot of them are far from the main point. Millions of users every day are seeking for a partner from any part of the city to any part of the world, simply by clicking to their pictures and organizing a simple friendly date for a coffee or a night out.
Dating Scams Online

There are plenty of dating sites, hetero or homosexual ones, for teenagers or adults. Those who are looking for someone who will solely listen to them or the ones who all they looking for is sex. The world of dating sites has gone so far as to have a dating site especially for married men and women who are willing to have an out-of-marriage affair.

There is a site for everything now, isn’t it?

There are countless of witnesses that met online and ended up having a lovely lifetime together, beautiful success stories from online dating sites are not uncommon and most of us know someone who went through the same experience. If that’s all there is on dating sites, then that would look so beautiful, right?

Unfortunately, almost everything that has to do with beauty and art is getting a touch of dirty fingers from scam artists online. Dating and romance sites
top the list of the most affected industries. Millions of people every year lose money to the “lover” they met on dating sites, and sadly, it gets worse.
Most of the dating sites scams aim their victims’ identity theft which can have much worse consequences.

Therefore, today I decided to bring detailed information on how do these scams work, the ways you can recognize them as well as some 8 very useful and effective
tips on how to avoid this type of fraud happening to you. Let’s deep straight in!

How to Recognize a Dating Scam

It is not some of the easiest jobs to recognize a fraud on a dating site, as one of the strongest weapons they got is time and patience. A devastating couple.
With this I mean that they are ready to spend a decent amount of time with their victims, from days up to months, leaving very few to doubt whether it is a scam or the dream love you have been looking for.

At the end of the day, who do expect a scam on a dating site? If there is anyone who actually does, they surely wouldn’t be there at all,
in the first place.

However, they start by asking you to move from the dating website to a social media, email, any other chatting platforms or even phone number as a sign that
they are ready to move to another level in the first opportunity they get. You may be thinking “Just yet?”. This and other suspicious ways scams work under,
let’s have a look at some of the most effective ways you can recognize one!

Too fast, too far – You much probably will recognize something is going well over the line and out of hands, but not all are that good controlling their emotions on
the peak of the moment when a “prince in a white horse” seems to be knocking on the door. However, it is crucial to remain calm and judge the situation neutrally.

Now, I am not a relationship counselor but I know for one fact that scams tend to move the relationship to as far as it goes and that, for as fast as it goes,
unlike someone who really likes you, that will give your time before going further. If they don’t, you got to ask. If not for the sake of pride, do it to recognize
whether the one you are talking to is a real person using the website for the same purpose as you or a mere scam.

“Over-excited” and “over-caring” – Except that, they tend to be very affectionate and excited about every single thing you say or plan, giving you hope for the times to come.

They shower you with restless love and they choose words very carefully. Asking about your family well-being is one of the first things that will show on your screen,

following by the share of personal information from them, that never existed. A sweet story on their life or a pity one that will make you feel sorry for them and grab your attention. Two extremes these that tend to be the roots of a “long loving” lie.

Living locally – Another way scams use to get closer to their victims on dating sites are by telling them they are a local, living in the same country as them but they are required to travel overseas now and then, this to give enough time to avoid an in-person catch-up. To make the matter to look even more real, they promise to visit you “as soon as they get done with the project”. For the visit to never happen.

Language and grammar – The majority of online dating scams are from overseas and that makes it much easier to recognize and come to the verdict that you need to stop it, eventually. How will you know that? One of the first things that will catch your eye is their grammatical mistakes which most of the time is pretty hard to understand and you don’t even want to bother to if it was not for their profile picture. From an extreme forceful language to an over-loving and caring one that, hopefully, will be enough to open your eyes and put you off.

Money stuck and they need your help – Another way dating site scams tend to use to deceive their victims are by telling them that they have a vast amount of money back in their overseas country but he or she needs your help to transfer them to a safer country before they can withdraw in cash. And they will

do that by asking for your bank account and personal details to do so.

At other times they pretend their massive amount of money got stuck and they need to pay the charges to their account by asking you for money and even promising you a huge percentage of that in return. A pretty similar scheme to Nigerian Scams.

Desperate – Another way you can recognize you are dealing with a scam while on a dating site is when you do not approve their request for money and they become
desperate and even turn out persistent with their calls and texts just to have their request met.

Broken promises – Now, you can’t miss this one. One of the last in the list but surely one of the most crucial tips you can recognize an online dating scam is by keeping track of their misses to keep their promises, which probably will be a longer list than the one Walmart handles to you on a Saturday shopping.

If the one you are talking to fails to keep his/her promises then I highly suggest you think again if you want to keep talking with him or her. One of the promises that are usually broken is video-calling and they try to avoid it as long as it takes, most of the times with the reason that the video camera is not working
or the connection is very low. Again, is this possible to happen for days? That’s how you will know your time to leave.

Broken promise for a dinner by a dating scam

Another often-told promise is the date of the visit, which never happens, and the reason for that most of the times is that their money got stuck in the bank and they cannot afford to fly. All this going back to money request to you.

8 Tips on How to Avoid Dating Scams Online

Most of the tips I will share here are pretty similar your mum gave you when you first started making your steps forward in relationships,
however, I am not quite sure if I am a good dating counselor and I want you to know that this has nothing to do with that but it is very recommended for you
to follow if you want to keep yourself safe from this type of fraud.

  1. Do not get in touch with someone who asks you a lot of personal questions since the beginning.
  2. Set your UNTOUCHABLE boundaries when talking to a stranger. Do not give any additional information but name.
  3. Ask for a video call with the one you are in contact with as most of the scams use whole different identity.
  4. Be aware at the change of stories told to you be the same person.
  5. Search for their picture on social media or search engines if is it the same with the one they use in the dating website or the one they have sent to you.
  6. Do not accept money from overseas for the sake of helping someone you met on a dating site bring out of their country. Money laundry is a criminal offense.
  7. Do not give credit card or bank account information to anyone you do not know or you have just met.
  8. Never provide detailed personal information in any social network. Often times it has resulted in identity theft and even an opened account on a social network with the same picture and details of another person.

CRUCIAL: If you accept to travel to another country to meet in-person someone you dated online, it is crucial to tell your family and friends before you do so,

as well as providing the location you are going, together with all the details around the trip. There is a big, unavoidable possibility for a trip to another country

to meet someone you don’t know, to have devastating and tragic results.

Who Are The Top Targets Of Online Dating Scams

Absolutely everyone who is a member of any online dating site makes a potential target and none is safe. It doesn’t matter the country, age, religion,
skin color or any other group of people you may belong to – everyone can be the next target of an online scam through a dating site. However, the list of countries
that top the list of the most reports of losses from the same scheme are:

  • Australia
  • United States
  •  United Kingdom

With all these countries with reported millions of dollars losses every year. And this is absolutely not to be overlooked.

Have You Been Scammed?

I would love for you to not be part of this group of people, BUT, if you have ever been scammed then it is highly recommended for you to visit the same website
and report the person you have been in contact with and their full details, so they can not do the same to someone else, which can save many others.

Don’t be part of the statistics. Save yourself and others.

And by going through this article from top to bottom, you have a good chance to do so.