Fake Drugs – 5 Tips How to Avoid Them

Have you ever started using some kind of drugs and didn’t feel that is helping you out at all, instead is getting you to feel worse?
fake drugs prescriptions

I have. And sadly to say, I am not alone.

Actually, there are thousands of people like me every day who fall prey to fraudulent prescription drugs. Before the internet took the scene over,
the ways fraudulent activities worked were much more complicated and not very convincing to fall for.

This is embraced by the fact that before deciding to buy a product you HAD to look at it, have it on your hand( touch it) by yourself, which left very few to the chance to get manipulated.

Today is different.
You can find everything on the internet now. I mean EVERYTHING. In my country, they say “All but Mum and Dad”. And so it is. And drugs are not exempt.

The ways the fraud are working to get your money from your pocket are numerous and very creative, indeed. One of them is by selling you fake drugs without any real effect, over side effects or even totally out of the point effects they are sold for.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything you want to know about fake prescription drugs. How do this scheme work, 4 ways you can recognize them
and most importantly – how can you avoid it? Let’s get right in!

How Do Fake Drugs Prescriptions Work

The veil these drugs hinder themselves with is called legalism. They tend to be sold as legal on the internet and as if nothing is wrong with them. And the internet gives them a huge chance to make the deception happening and without it, as I explained above, the chances would hardly be real.

Fraudulent prescription drugs often contain ingredients that are hazardous and very dangerous to use in every kind of effect they tend to come for. While containing less than the supposed active ingredients or often as overdose, these fake products in the medicine are not produced in the supposed pharmacological expectations and standards as they claim to be.

how fake drugs fraud work

Most of the times their origin is written as default or even with no origin at all. Therefore, there are countless cases and more others reporting daily that patient’s health got much worse after using the drug than in the starting position of their condition. Different from them, there are a lot of others reporting that the drugs “had not even a small effect”, as most of them tend to do everything look good from the outside but missing the curing or the main active ingredients they are supposed to have.

This explains the fact that they have not been able to earn the badge of confirmation from the government authorities.

Personal Ugly Experience With Fake Drugs

I would rather not want to write this part of the article as I would not rather be a part of the scary statistics of people fallen prey of fraudulent prescription drugs, however, even though not me personally, I have had close members of my family that did. They fell prey to fake drugs.

I can recall a time when my Grandmother decided to change the brand of one of her many drugs to another brand just got in the market at that time, with was cheaper price, and that without consulting her pharmacist. Even though she was pretty picky and she followed the advice of her pharmacists and doctors to the fullest, this time she decided to give a chance to the pill that got her deceived mostly by her price.

After just a week of regular usage of 2 pills per day, her condition got tremendously worsened to the point we had to bring her to the hospital. The doctor was confident it came from the same drugs she started using recently, in which it was not even a country of origin stated. A great was this if you want to help yourself, and yeah, “great money-saving deal”.

We are all aware that sometimes there are those small decisions in life that can make a huge impact, and taking drugs without checking their origin is definitely
not to be overlooked.

Ways How to Recognize Fake Drugs Scams

As everything fake has something that makes it visible comparing to others, especially to the real ones, the same is evident in fake prescription drugs.

Here are 4 tips you should keep in mind if you want to recognize them!

  1. Appearance – Fake products on drugs can be recognized by their lot numbers as well as the changes between a prescription from the others, and that to the same drug, showing the level of professional skills of the manufacturer. What’s more? The package of most of the fake drugs is of the last quality, and you don’t have to be an expert to examine it, most of the time. Slim, plain and a suspicious look will make your job was easier to do so.
  2. By the effect – The main important point of the fake drugs is that most of them do not improve your condition and some of them even tend to make it worse. And this is one of the clearest ways you can recognize one.
  3. Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site – VIPPS or Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site which is provided by the Association of Boards of Pharmacy

( This exact one operates originally in the United States but the same can be found in every country), is a mandatory seal which all well-trusted
online pharmacies already have. The ones missing it shows that they are unlicensed and is not operating legally, and that should definitely be on your list of products and stores you want to avoid.

4. Special and limited deals – Another strategy the fake prescription drugs artists come with most of the time is the “special deal“, “deal of the day” or
“limited time offer” which is followed by a call to action and even rushing you to make the choice you will surely regret as soon as you get the product
on your hands.

a fake drug or a fix?

Ways How to Avoid Fraudulent Prescription Drugs

One of the most effective ways how to avoid falling for fake drugs is by checking a product complete description and its legitimacy and maintaining a
calm state of mind while you shop, as “rush” is an infamous was how deception works. To make it more simple for you, I have decided to bring the 5
tips on how to avoid fake drugs, and they are:

  • Be alert on the appearance of the drugs’ packaging
  • Be cautious when buying drugs on the internet. Make sure you buy from licensed online distributors and from them only.
  • Beware of fraudulent prescription drugs promotions and their unreal prices.
  • Consult a pharmacist before buying drugs that seem suspicious to you in any was.
  • Be alert and contact your pharmacist in cases when you record no improvement on your condition you were supposed to after using a certain medicament, and most importantly, in the cases, you actually got an adverse side effect, instead.

This type of fraud can be found anywhere and any of us can be the next sheep, however, following these 5 simple tips on how to avoid fraudulent prescription drugs can be very useful to you to avoid them.

Which will ultimately save you a lot of time and money. And most importantly, your health.

4 Replies to “Fake Drugs – 5 Tips How to Avoid Them”

  • Hi,
    This is a very interesting topic. I think that taking fake drugs can be very dangerous for the health.
    The thing is that nowadays there are so many advertisements that promise everything that one can think of!
    One should be very careful and always check twice before taking a medication. Like you suggest, one should be very careful especially when he sees some ‘great deal’ with a discount that ends in x days or hours. I have seen such so many times.

    • Hey Asen!

      I would love to disagree with you in this, however, the truth is exactly how you described it, nothing less than that. It cannot in any way be said that the authorities of countries like US, UK or Australia are not doing enough in the case, but these are the cases that can be considered more of an “alone fight” and not a lot can be done for the protection of the customer in this case. As it remains, you and me should open our eyes, and this is the main reason I wrote this article for. I am glad you liked it and thank you for your comment!


  • Wow, your article really help me to be careful when buying drugs online. Although I have not felt that any I’ve bought so far are fake drugs but you’ll never know. Better to be safe than sorry and your article could do precisely that for me to buying safely. Thanks for this unusual and niche site you are writing. I love reading it.

    • Hey HT!

      As first, thanks a lot for your comment! I am so glad to hear that you found this article useful, as this is the main purpose it is written for, and I love that you like reading to my blog, this is definitely something I love to hear from my precious guests.

      The ugly truth is said simply yet uncut. Unavoidable and that requires our attention. I see that you never fell a prey of a fake drug scam and I am happy for you, however, as you said, you never know so you better keep your eyes open at any time. For anything you may believe I can help you, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to assist you!


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