What is Family Emergency Fraud?

While searching for more information in order to help you guys, I have to admit that I was an outsider on most of the ways scams actually work.

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Like, a family emergency fraud? Who would do that? Well, this is real and you don’t want to underestimate it.

How Does Family Emergency Fraud Work?

This type of scam takes place when the imposers contact their eventual victim by email, social media, or even phone call asking them for money “immediately, urgently” because one of their loved ones, like their wife or children, are suffering from a severe illness and they need the help from anybody possible.

The other way includes the scammer asking you for money in order to free one of your loved ones from the jail that is in, or pay for the treatment in the hospital “immediately”. They take information from one of your social media accounts or simply guess them. Both of the cases make it pretty hard for you to think straight.

Now, who would say no to a sick child or a loved one in need?

How to Avoid Family Emergency Scams

In my recent article on internet scams, I talked about some critical ways how to avoid scams online, and some of them

remain helpful even in the case we are talking about right now. However, to be more specific I decided to bring a list you should give a look at.
  • Check for yourself – Before giving in to the intensive feeling of giving your money out in order to help someone just because someone asked you to, you better take the phone and call the family member including themselves, to make sure.
  • Search for information – I highly recommend that you gather information on the one who is asking you for money, even though most of the time they will ask you to actually not do that and just drop the money first, so they don’t get exposed.
  • Pay only through a credit card – The imposers will ask you to send a check or pay by reloading the card, and that tells you CLEARLY of their intention. Don’t fall for that. Paying through a credit card gives you a huge chance to get the money back when you realize you have been deceived.

It doesn’t cost a thing to go through it and check it out before you make an impulsive decision. It can save a lot, instead.

If you know someone who faced suspicious actions online, or you have done so yourself then feel free to report a scam so I can further investigate the matter and come up with more detailed information on it.

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