Free Online Money Making Business ( Video Walkthrough)

With this article I decided to make an insightful, captivating and very honest review about an online money making business solution and the Wealthy Affiliate Community, eventually.

A website this, found by two incredibly friendly experts of online entrepreneurship, Kyle&Carson; both of them with over 15 years of experience in the industry, I confidently say, they know very well what they are doing and I will share own review based on personal experience and accurate information.

Wealthy Affiliat Sign-up

Do what you love, love what you do” is not something most of us have the comfort to be able to choose in life, which is pretty obvious as life is not just merely a pet that can be easily get controlled with some training or some more effort of some other kind by our side. Most of the times one gets a job he doesn’t even like or never dreamed or even thought he could ever worked on. Then why they don’t just quit?  It is not always that easy.

Necessity Before Wishes?

It is sad to say the first thing most of us are interested in when seeking for a new job is the salary they got to offer, often times making us blind for whatever job needs to be done, position held or even treatment received in the workplace.

Yes, here I said it – not considering even the treatment towards us.

Starting from single mums and their needs,  students with their studies or hard-working parents with low income and you just want to do everything it takes to give them a hand. None of us wants to see our families in omission of anything, do we?

The list could go on and on, but the financial factor is something we cannot ignore.

Bullying,discrimination of any kind, harassment – all of them leading you to low motivation and job satisfaction. Either that or you are simply unemployed and need a job, but would prefer working online from the comfort of your home and close to your kids, instead. Everybody needs to have a job, that’s obvious.

Sometimes because of comfort and other times of necessity. And you start searching for every keyword that comes to your mind. From “best online money making business” to “I want money online now” – that’s how desperate one can get in time.


I Was Like You

And sure enough, with over 95% frauds, they keep rolling in your search engine. Just for you to go low on motivation and hope as you keep seeking from them to offer you a job for living.

If you are going through it, then you are not alone. Millions of people are seeking to work online daily, I used to be part of the crew.

Which is the correct one you should choose?

Having to leave Dubai where I worked for almost 3 years to get back to my home-country Kosovo, while witing for my German visa application process, I found myself unemployed. Trying everything from every payperclick, survey-sites or make referrals to get paid, to working as an article writer for employees who got lost at the pay-day.

I went as far as I accepted the requirement of an employer to get my personal Facebook account password. Not smart decision at all, is it?

I could go on and on with the long list of my failures and deceptions suffered. Therefore today I am writing this article purely to share my experience with you and hopefully help you to find the best online money making business, the one I am into.

Fail Forward

After years of failing to get my roots in the dream of an online business, I got discouraged to the point I was about to stop trying, even though quitting was never really part of my personality.

Until one day while searching the internet, it happened that I saw an article of an honest girl which convinced me there is still hope.

Ironically, I saw the article of the girl while I was trying to reveal if a website I got my hopes on lately, was it a scam or legitimate.

Guess what I found? I found that the website was a scam and I was in danger for providing my personal information. I was not even surprised though. It wasn’t even my first time, at the end of the day.

After the winter follows the spring” – After years of online disappointment and cold days with grey heavens on my dreams, I finally saw a little flower which filled me with hope that the spring is on the way. That my dream of an online money making business is not merely a myth, but with determination and proper training from experts of the industry, it can be a plain reality.

I got so excited! I still am to this day!


Wealthy Affiliate Program – The Reality of Internet Marketing

Most of the newbies in the online entrepreneurship fail to fulfill their potential mostly because of lack of  patience and determination, and others of support. Something you will not miss in Wealthy Affiliate.

With almost 1.5 million members worldwide, most of them experts in the industry, you will always be able receive help through its Live Chat feature, without forgetting the personal messages;

All in all, you will not a miss a tool on your way to succeeding with your online making business.

Free Sign-up and Free Training

The first 10 Training Phases Wealthy Affiliate provides completely FREE. How cool is that!

The training starts from Understanding how to make money, follows up Choosing and Creating your own Niche website and goes up to Understanding Keywords and Starting your own content, all of this through simplified step-by-step video training;

AND – this is only part of the first training session under “Get Started” – all that for free!

Free Keywords Researching

Except the possibility to create your own website in a matter of less than 30secs, Wealthy Affiliate has the most comprehensive platform in the industry when it comes to keywords researching as well, something you will adore in the first chance you will get to use it.

A Community of Experts

Since the first days I got in Wealthy Affiliate, I could feel a loving, positive atmosphere,  with members always ready to help each-other.

Starting from the two co-founders. They both welcomed me through PM and live chat even though they have millions of users, that’s something you will really appreciate, as I did.

A lot of success stories posted daily, will firmly encourage you and raise your hopes up once again.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a newbies offer of -60% for the first month Premium, something is very recommended catching if you plan to advance in your business, something you will understand only after you join and will love it.


I tried to be as honest as possible with you reading this post right now, about the scams flowing through searching engines and a true real deal I am very satisfied to this day and will surely recommend to anyone seeking to start his own online business.

Click the video to see the walkthrough on how to start your own business online and start making money.

How to make money online video

It is one of my first posts but surely there are many to follow where I will try to help people just like me, with accurate information and honest opinion. As everything else in life starting from giving birth, relationships and even the time needed for a meal to be cooked, starting to earn money needs patience, hard-work and determination. It is not wise to expect something to happen overnight, but it is not way too far away either, less likely a mythology.

You CAN make money online.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate  is a step you will surely never regret you took, and a big step towards fulfilling your dream of your own free online money making business and reap the fruit of it in the near future.


If there is something I didn’t mention that you want to know, feel free to contact me through my personal email or simply by leaving a comment below.

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  • Thank you for sharing. Very informative! Yes I have fallen for several “Make money online” scams and lost hundreds of dollars. And quitting is not in my vocabulary either. I wish you the best in all that you do!

    • Hi Taianne!

      Sad to hear you have not been exempt from internet scams, but I am happy to hear you are not in the right path of making your own business online and I wish you a lot of success in what you do.


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