How to Avoid Free Trial Offer Scams

Did ever happened to you that you search the internet for a certain and suddenly a “free trial offer” opens up before you, leaving you none but amazed.

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However, the smile on your face fades away once you know the ugly truth about it sooner rather than later. Let’s get to know more!

How Trial Offer Scams Work


  • The fraudulent offer a “free offer”, BUT ( there is always a “but” in scams) you still have to pay the shipping charges. Just for the latter to turn out to cost more than the product itself actually does.
  • Once you have agreed to grab the offer that was supposed to be free, in most cases you are required to subscribe in order to grab the offer. An agreement which will be pretty hard to turn around if you do not read their terms and conditions accordingly.
  • The real behind it is that they tend to leave no chance to cancel the subscription but finish until the “contract” you just signed without any real consciousness is completely finished.

Most of the recent free trial offer scams come as beauty and cosmetics products.

Ways to Avoid Free Trial Offer Scams

Some of the most effective ways to avoid free trial offer scams include:

  • Rules and regulations- Check the seller’s “rules and regulations” to see exactly what you are giving and what you are getting in return.
  • Information – Search the internet for more information regarding the company you’re about to make the deal with, whether it is real or have any suspicious activity history.
  • Cancel subscription – Make sure you point the date on your calendar when your free trial offer ends and stop the offer so you don’t get extra charged for something that was supposed to be “free”.
  • Bank statements – Make you to you haven’t been charged from the same, by checking your monthly credit card statement.

Just because they say it is totally free, it is not necessarily true most of the time. Don’t fall a prey of scams. Save your wallet.