How To Handle Scam Calls

Recently I wrote an article about online website scams and scams overall as I believe it is one of the most dangerous fraudulent activities on the rise affecting millions of people every year with losses reported to be just a bit less than $100M, sum this VERY high; UNFORTUNATELY statistics on reported scams embrace my information.

Learn how to handle scam calls

Scam calling or also known as “Fake calls” is also a very popular method scams use to deceive and rob their victims online using this amazing technology that was supposed to be safe and used for good – internet.
Let us have a look on the scam calls methods, ways, how do they look like and how to stop them from getting their hands in your pocket eventually.

What Strategies Do They Use?

The word that best describes a scammer is ” I would cheat anyone for money” – no mercy. Started by the word “SCAM” – which literally means ” a dishonest scheme”, it tells it all. They appear to be super-friendly, doing a chit-chat meanwhile asking for your family well-being and the things that you are after, even appearing to work for your preferred company.
The latter is a big trap most of the people fall a prey off.

Some other most common words “fake agents” use to deceive their prey is the infamous “Foreign Lottery-Winning” mostly made of Nigerian Scams, bonus products if you buy something, you got chosen for the best offer of the day, and the other very well-known so-called “offer” for a good job where you have to invest a very small amount of time and money, to get a lot in return – obviously is something we all want but not a scam.


Who Are The “Fake agents” Main Targets

Embracing the fact that older people are less aggressive, more likely to have enough time to answer and talk on the phone and got plenty of time to listen to what they got to say and offer, which makes them a pretty easy and preferred target. Lonely people go in the same category as well, mostly because of the time disposal.

How To Handle Scam Calls

The best advice you could get when dealing with scams is – You have to keep calm and think clearly.

Online scams

Often they try to put pressure on you or even try to force you verbally to ” Make a decision immediately”, which most of the time requires giving them personal information or most probably your credit card.

Some of them even make questions like: “Do you trust me?” and even suggest you do NOT need to check on their offer or company online; pretty smart, aren’t they. You have to keep calm and avoid any decision made in a matter of minutes that will make you regret for life.

Before getting into a real conversation with a stranger especially on the phone, it is suggested to check who and why is calling. One of life-saving questions like WHAT time you are receiving the call as it is prohibited by law for the marketing agents to make calls outside of 8am to 9pm schedule; to say it simple, strictly do not accept to engage in any conversation outside of this timing.

Search online with the agent or company you are in contact with and require identity information. Don’t buy something just in order to receive a “free gift” together with the purchase or in cases when you are simply to pay the shipment so they can send you the “free gift”. That is a trick. And if you want to make a donation, better give a check
to the charity to make sure your money don’t go in the wrong place.

If you are offered a job or investment, make sure you read the companies Rules and Regulations thoroughly, and if the offer and company are actually registered and legal.


When handling a phone call offering you service, which most of them are scams, make sure you don’t give in to pressure and put yourself in the safe side.

Credit card payment is the most secure online payment and something you should seriously consider, as you have a much bigger chance to recover your money from fraud purchases than other methods. Every other method is less safe. And if you lost money anyhow and you get in contact with any agency promising your money back for a specific fee, do not trust them as that is merely a newly promoted trick, plainly to dig you deeper.

Before getting into rush to make a purchase it is highly suggested that you ask yourself what’s the hurry? If it is a “free gift and offer”, then why do I have to pay for it? You should also consider the TIME you received the call, as it is prohibited by law for market agents to make calls outside of 8am to 9pm schedule.

You also should take it very seriously and ask yourself on why would you confirm your personal information and credit card info to a stranger on the phone?

And most importantly, I ask you to be honest to yourself when answering the question – “Do I want more calls like this?”



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