How to Prevent Identity Theft Online

Identity theft online is the sinister case when, most probably a criminal or terrorist, assumes your identity to perform a fraud or prohibited action by law. It is the unauthorized usage of one’s personal identity information for fraudulent activities. Most of the cases, identity thieves find practice of their methods’ in, is that of financial affairs, where one uses or opens a new bank account with a stolen identity.

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Today I decided to turn my focus especially on how to prevent identity theft online.

I invite you to follow me in this short but very informative and accurate journey, dedicated on identity theft definition, how it works and most importantly – how to PREVENT it.


Identity Theft Definition

One of the surveys made by the National Crime Victimization in US (NCSV) definitions of identity theft, in general comprehends with these 3 features:

  • unauthorized use or unsuccessful effort to do so to an existing account
  • unauthorized use or unsuccessful effort to open a new one
  • usage of personal identity information for deceptive purposes

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    How To Prevent Identity Theft Online


    From material losses to the first-hand crimes, identity information is a sensitive case and one that requires attention.

    Avoid getting identity theft.
    Ways to avoid identity theft.

The fact is that, from in-person, phone or internet, there are numerous ways scams attempt stealing identity from their victims. Latter list of which, any of us can be in. Some peculiar methods’ identity thieves practice are credit or card bank agreement, stealing your wallet out of your pocket or even examining the trash to find one of your last bank transactions.

  • Do NOT throw away any ATM or Bank invoices unless unusable in any form.
  • Conciliate your bank account every month. Contact your bank for any suspicious changes.
  • Report of any suspicious activity happening related to your credit card or bank account.
  • If you are aware of someone who receives mails in regard of an identity or account that does not belong to him, report him to police/. You can be his next victim. Sooner the better.
  • Request a statement and detailed information from the bureau if they inform you for any unauthorized attempt to your account.
  • Keep a list of contact numbers to respective persons or authority in cases when you need to report an activity.Bonus TIP: IF you have failed to prevent your identity theft online due to lack of proper knowledge on how it works and the ways that scam artists do go through, it is highly recommended for you to contact an expert on the steps you should take next toward preventing eventual losses.


    As mentioned above, there are numerous ways you can get your identity theft and everyone can be the next target, none is safe. Although it can hardly be said you will be totally safe, you can assuredly have a big impact on preventing identity theft online, the safety of your personal dignity information and minimize the chances to get robbed.

    Click here if you want to report a scam. By doing so I will make a review by your request, for the purpose of helping others be aware and not fall the same trap. We can help each-other!



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    • Hey Savita!

      Credit card copy or “cloning” is indeed a sad reality. Even though through bank there is a higher chance on bouncing back when dealing with scams, it is not completely sure however, and the possibility to get “cloned” should not be ignored but is recommended to pay attention to any suspicious activity, instead.

      Thank you for commenting. Stay safe!


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