MySurvey The Review For 2021

One of the largest and oldest companies that ask for the opinions of people worldwide, MySurvey is very well-known in the industry. Whenever the name survey is involved, they seem to belong.  This MySurvey – the review, has a lot to say about the platform.

MySurvey first page image. is part of the Lightspeed Group, owned by WPP, one of the largest communication services companies. They originally started taking opinions from US residents as early as 1946 as part of National Family Opinion(NFO), to find just 17 years ago, in 2001.

Everything seemed to go well as there were many happy customers reporting for good incomes from the site, but that seemed to fade away in time. Only for the situation to escalate in the last few weeks. What happened with MySurvey?

Before going deeper into what happened recently with MySurvey website, I invite you to give a glance at how the most important features of the website are. Or, how they USED TO be. Let’s have a look!

Is MySurvey Legitimate Site?

There are certainly a lot of unhappy customers around the internet right now, that are unable to redeem their rewards because of the collapse of the site in the recent weeks, therefore, they are questioning whether MySurvey is legitimate or a scam. Their disappointment is totally understandable. BUT…

Give Cesar what belongs to Cesar…”

It is exaggerated to say that the site is not legitimate, as that is not true. MySurvey is absolutely a legitimate site.

Their strict Privacy Policy page, as well as thousands of members reporting to have redeemed their rewards before all the mess conquered the camp, is surely a clear sign we are not talking about a scam or fraud here, but a legitimate survey-taking company.

How it Works

Feedback is an important factor in improving a product or service, and companies know that well. That’s why they are willing to pay money just to have your opinion through survey-taking sites.

MySurvey is merely a bridge connecting the companies with the customers, for the latter supposed to give their opinion to a specific product or service.

The results of the surveys taken on specific products tell a company a lot about what is coming forth and what they can expect from the market, making it easier to make the calculations.

Therefore, some companies require extra pre-survey in order to make sure the candidate taking the survey is qualified to do so.

Who Can Use It

There are very few countries right now where MySurvey is not included, but the list who can do so is pretty broad.

Countries like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the US are undoubtedly part of the list. The same also includes more countries from Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.

If your country you are residing in belongs to the long list of countries able to join the site, then you can do so for FREE. Put your personal information required, verify your email and start earning by completing offers right away. You can do so through either PC, mobile phone or tablet. Whichever is more convenient for you.

Customer Service

The customer service is probably one of the last things that MySurvey has to work on, the lads got much bigger deficiencies at the moment.

Customer reeviews on MySurvey image

At the end of the day – “Don’t kill the messenger”, right?

Without hindering the fact that their customer service is not showing any true passion to solve the problems their customers are facing while using the site, the main problem seems to be on the core of the management.

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Ways You Can Earn Through MySurvey

Some ways in which you can earn with MySurvey include:

  • Product testing
  • Profile completion
  • Surveys
  • Daily polls

MySurvey System Collapse and Cons

Before the latest crash MySurvey suffered, the website was an average site, even above that, sometimes.

However, with the latest collapse of the system last couple of weeks and the poor management of the situation by the head of the management, the website has lost the majority of its admirers, therefore a massive amount of bad reviews came toward them recently. And that for a reason.

To be more specific:

  • MySurvey system collapse out by the end of June and it didn’t come back till some days ago( approximately Middle of July.)
  • The customers couldn’t sign-in all this time, nor redeem their rewards.
  • After the site came back, they promised to reward their customers by 100 points each( worth of £1). However, several customers report they never received them.
  • The customer service “is not too worried about what happened” when they are contacted, as a lot of customers report.

Looking at the cons, would you still want to join MySurvey?

Overall Rating


Name: MySurvey
Usability:                      2.3 out of 5
Customer Service:       2.7 out of 5
System functionality: 1.0 out of 5
Earning potential:      2.0 out of 5
Profit withdrawal:      1.5 out of 5
Overall rating:            1.5 out of 5

Conclusion and Recommendation

Before the collapse of the system of MySurvey, things seemed to be very normal and the customers seemed to be happy with their week-to-week cash out the worth of £10. And that’s completely fine, as long as you get rewarded for the time spent on it.

BUT, now with the collapse and with the customers not even able to redeem their rewards, that really makes you question if MySurvey is legitimate, or not. Even though the answer is NO, the same goes for the question of the website is recommended. A big NO again, certainly. You don’t want to waste your time with the uncertainty down the road if you will ever get rewarded for that or not.

This was my honest review and the answer if MySurvey is legitimate or not, now it is your time to make the decision that you judge the best fits for you. However, My #1 Recommendation is something I really think you should check if you are on blogging and making money online.

For any questions, feel free to contact me personally through my email, or simply by leaving a comment below.

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