Is Vindale Research Legitimate? Truth Exposed!

Got a full-time job and you come back home tired and wanting to relax. Either too tired to go out for a drink or broke and you end up in front of your personal computer, looking for something to relax with yet earn something out of it?

There is a big chance the road will bring you to a survey site or any other of the kind that are willing to pay you per click. Now, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it?
Vindale Research review

When it comes to making extra money online and survey sites, there is one who has been in the industry longer than the rest.

With over 13 years of site domain age, Vindale Research is one of the oldest survey sites on the internet.

However, the company is not an angel with a circle on its head with a white robe and a goldish stack of money for you. A lot of customer complaints, unhappy with the service while a lot others very happy with what they got, as to the irony of the first ones.

Now, is any of them exaggerating? They are not.

Is it possible for of them to be right?

Today I decided to have a close look and answer the question everyone is looking for, whether the site is legitimate or not. From how Vindale Research works, pros as well as honest user complaints, so you can have a crystal clear view on what the site is all about. Let’s get started!

Is Vindale Research Legitimate Site?

This is probably the most crucial answer you want to know. Without one which you don’t want to make your next step, which is very reasonable. Not knowing whether a site operates legitimately it is not very wise to go on and sign up and spend your precious time on it, is it?

To be more direct with the answer whether Vindale Research is a legitimate site or simply another online scam, let me tell you that the website is one of the oldest opinion-takers or survey sites, as are known today.

It counts over $6 Million rewards to its customers to the day with its domain age older than 13 years now, operating since 2005. Based in the United States with the main offices in New York City, the company is in the ownership of Nathanael Ehrich.

Some more unavoidable witnesses of their legitimacy are their “Privacy Policy” and “About Us” pages that can be easily found and the same provide accurate information on the website and their strict policies about customers’ safety using the site. Facts these, that declare the clean-hands functioning of the site.

So YES, the light is green. The site is absolutely legitimate!

How it Works

Getting paid from the companies who want peoples’ opinions on their product or service and sharing the same with their customers for doing so, that’s what Vindale Research is all about.

How Vindale Research works

“A market research panel” as the site itself states, Vindale Research provides well-known brands such as Amazon, Netflix or Disney with customers insights that shows what the customers are rating high and what they are not, helping companies to fix or improve their services or products. A very valuable understanding this to a better user experience, eventually.

The companies pay survey sites for the favor, only for Vindale Research to share the profits with its customers. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want some extra cash while giving their opinion on an evening with the legs relaxed on the couch? This sounds too good.

However, how harvest can you expect?

Who Can Use It

I would love to say that everyone can sign-up and use it like with most of the survey sites but that is not the case with Vindale Research, as the site is not usable globally save countries like the United States, Brazil, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The United States stands out from the small crew with the offers of trying new products and coupons eligible solely for their citizens. However, if your name belongs to the list of citizens of one of the above countries, then there are no other restrictions and you can sign up and use it free of charge. You will also be rewarded $1 upon joining.

As soon as you get inside, it is recommended that you fill your profile information in order for you to get the surveys that match to you and your experience, making your job easier. Also, the surveys that require some working experience tend to pay more.

Customer Service

A professional team that is known to do their job well and there are many happy feedback from the customers that support the fact, still, there are those who don’t really agree with this, and they have proofs for it.

For example, before I started writing this post I went through a bunch of low-rated reviews given towards their customer service and their company overall.

And what I don’t like on all this is the lack of communication and assistance the customers say they never received and the same never appeared directly in their reviews, which would help the rest of us to feel more supported and welcomed with the requests towards them.

The bad reviewers seem to have an eligible reason behind it, apparently.

Ways You Can Earn Through Vindale Research

Below, I have made a list of 7 ways you can earn using Vindale Research. The list includes:

    1. Surveys – The main dish. Surveys pay from $0.10 USD to $7, which varies from survey qualifications and the time required to finish it. The more time and qualifications the survey demands, the more it pays.
    2. Videos – One of the easiest ways to make money in Vindale Research is by simply clicking play and wait for the short video to finish so you can redeem the reward. The reward range from $0.05 to $0.25.
    3. Emails – Another pretty uncomplicated way how to earn through the site is simply by applying to read paid emails, the same which will get you rewarded from $0.05 – $0.10, depending on the category and the bidder.
    4. Referral – The more friends you refer to Vindale Research, the better to your earning balance. You will receive $5 for every friend who joins the site by clicking your referring link. A good reason this to tell your friends about it, isn’t it?
    5. Reward Codes – There is a feature called “Reward Codes” where you have the opportunity to earn through the week by participating in challenges, polls or alerts. The same will give you a code, for it to reward you into cash. More exactly – up to $15 in balance.
    6. Item Reviewing – You can earn a good amount of dollars once you accept to review on an item they need you to. This is possible when the company sends you the item for you to test it and later give a review on how it works, as well as pros and cons. The same can earn you a reward which goes up to $100 on specific items and bids.
    7. Payent photo – A very simple and easy way how to earn a flat $5 on Vindale Research is by submitting a photo of one of the checks you have recently received from them, which serves as a proof for the purpose of helping the others who have doubts on joining the site.

Vindale Research Cons

There is no site on the internet world who is perfect and we can never expect one to be while Vindale Research definitely does not challenge the limits, either. There is a list of things that are not to be envied about Vindale Research, as the complaints on the site are not unusual. For more details, let us have a look at the other side of this rewarding program.

  • Nationality – While joining is free and you don’t really need to pay for any service inside the site unless you want to as part of completing an offer, this opportunity is not available to everyone. Actually, none save US, Brazil, Australia, and UK citizens can participate in the rewarding program and that is not very exciting news for the rest of nationalities who would want to explore it.
  • Survey criteria not being met – Most of the customers’ complaints towards the company are made on the exact same matter. Not rarely, customers are required to go through a pre-survey and end up getting kicked out with the reason that they have not met the criteria. To be more clear- for no real reason. While the effort and time spent to never be compensated.
  • High minimum cash-out – The minimum amount of balance in order for you to be able to cash-out is as high as $50, sum this way too high to make it whole in a survey-site.
  • Coupons can be used only in the United States.
  • Emails from the third parties – As I mentioned above, the site is clearly legitimate. However, as soon as you sign-up and give your email in order to register, you are expected to receive a bunch of extra emails weekly, and that from the companies Vindale Research cooperates with. Sometimes you will even receive surveys which will redirect you to a survey-site other than Vindale Research. You better take care on the click of your mouse.

Overall Rating

Name: Vindale Research
Usability:                       4.4 out of 5
Customer Service:       3.9 out of 5
System functionality: 4.3 out of 5
Earning potential:       3.7 out of 5
Profit withdrawal:       4.1 out of 5
Overall rating:              4.1 out of 5

Final Conclusion

Simply putting, one of the most common reasons we get into survey-taking sites is to earn some extra money as well as pass the time, and none of them necessarily dominates the other.

Vindale Research final conclusion

And in Vindale Research you can find both of them.

Safe, secure, easy and fun to use as well as the possibility for some extra cash at the end of the month make Vindale Research one of the best at what they do. And there is nothing wrong with signing up and giving a try.

Needless to say, you cannot expect to come out with a stack of money at the end of the month from a survey-site.

However, if you would rather want to start your real adventure of making a decent amount of money online and actually live from it – I can help you. Get all the answers here!

16 Replies to “Is Vindale Research Legitimate? Truth Exposed!”

  • I’ve never researched survey sites before. I remember years ago, I tried to fill one out, and it basically led me in a loop from one thing to the other, the survey would not end. It was ridiculous.

    • Hey Courtney!

      I absolutely understand your frustration, as it is something pretty common for most to most of people, especially when trying a survey-site as first. Time-consuming for pennies, that’s how most of them are. Thank you for your comment, Courtney!


  • I have tried various survey sites only to get very frustrated. What I found was that most surveys I would start to do, only to find out after completing it that I wasn’t qualified to do the survey. In fact, it seemed that I wasn’t qualified to complete almost all of the surveys. Is Vindale different? it would be worth a try if it is.

    • Hey Matts Mom!

      Recently, the same complain has been made from a lot other customers of survey sites recently, and I understand your frustration. I know the feeling of going through the survey and doing everything right, just as they want you to, just at the end to let you know that you have actually not even qualified for the survey. That does make sense, does it?

      I would love to say Vindale Research is different, as the same complain has been written in their ranks as well and you definitely don’t want this to happen to you. However, this rewarding program is one of the largest and you definitely wouldn’t risk anything by giving it a try. Except your time.
      Thank you for your comment, Matts Mom! For any other question or confusion, feel free to write me here or on my personal email.


  • Overall, Vindale Research is a legitimate program with 7 ways to earn minimal money and it leaves much to be desired.
    2 points
    Point: 1 of 2:
    For survey criteria not met:
    * You do not get compensated, but they still have the information you worked hard to present. This, I refer to as a mini scam within legitimacy.
    Point: 2 of 2:
    For third party email:
    * You are directed to other businesses that you may not want anything to do with. This violates the privacy policy
    Bottom line, do I feel safe? Personally, I do not.
    Thank you for your honest review, Heku. And, I have been honest in kind.

    • Hey Maxine! I absolutely agree with you when you say that you do not feel safe using Vindale Research, and certainly you are not alone in that. Although it is free, it is not fully free from third parties’ constant messages coming your way just after you join, something I already warned through my post. Criteria not being met as well as third parties included are two of the most common complains Vindale Research has received and still is, and it is not communicated if they are working on it or not. The customers are certainly not happy about that, and you seem to be one of them. However, I am happy that you already understood that you can not make a stack of cash out of a survey site, can you.
      Thank you for your comment, Maxine, I highly appreciate your opinion you shared with all of us in here.


  • This is a very detailed review of Vindale research. I have taken survey try to make money in the past before I started my own online business. My experience with the online survey was terrible. Often times I would be 15 to 20 minutes into taking a survey and then it suddenly tells me that I am not quality. Usually I earn pennies. It’s really not worth the time and the effort I put into it. Vindale research looks better than many other survey websites I checked out. I will takea look at it. Thank you for the informative article.

    • Hey Hong!

      In fact, your experience with Vindale Research and survey sites overall is something that best describes the experience of most of people with the same kind of sites. Long time needed for pennies, something you cannot rely on making money online or let alone to pay your bills with. I am happy to hear that you know how it works and you have your own online business instead, which is the best way to spend your time online. To work on your own business.
      Thank your comment and your appreciation for the article, Hong!


  • While I have never used survey sights I think the time is fast approaching after reading this, hey a few extra coins can all add up right? I am not sure about the constant bombardment of third parties after joining though… maybe a have to change my attitude about this a little if I want to explore the abundance of oppurtunities that are out there.!! What a fine reviewer you are thank you for doing all my research for me. Cheers.

    • Hey Janelle! You are absolutely right than any of us would welcome some more extra money at the end of the month, and survey-sites top the list of opportunities online people are going after most. If you have never tried, I would definitely recommend you to do so, just for the sake of trying it for yourself.

      I am very happy to hear that you actually found my article informative and helpful, and that you got the answers you very looking for. Thank you for your comment and appreciation on it, Janelle!


  • Hi Hekuran,

    This was a very eye opening article, as I knew about surgery sites but not the most oldest one out there like Vindale. It’s cool to see how even the most old survey sites out there are gaining exposure through amazon, Netflix and other larger companies, meaning they can compete with the more modern ones. It does depreciate a little as you stated it’s only available to certain countries, but it can still be profitable at the same time. I agree that $50 is a high cash out. None the less, I like it, and I’ll be giving it a further look down the line. Thank you for exposing me to it!

    • Hey Michael! I agree with you that the old survey sites do get exposure through Amazon and other well-known brands, which makes them more trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of the customers, as well. A double win, right? The restriction on citizenship is not necessarily something those uninvited have a like on, however, the available citizens doesn’t seem to be very unhappy about that, as there are expected to be less competition and more benefits. The stake is a bit high also, but this shouldn’t be a concern for you as a starter, you will not lose anything anyway. Thank you for your comment, Michael, and I am happy to hear that you liked the article and it was useful to you. For any other question you may have, feel free to contact me or simply by replying in here.


  • Hi Heku, thanks for sharing this review. It’s good to see some legitimate programs out there. I’ve heard of Vindale but personally I tried to avoid survey sites cause in most cases I always disqualify from them. There’s only a few sites I use, but wanted to look into this one a little further to see what it’s really like.

    I think it’s a nice idea to get paid to share your payment proof, it benefits the user, the owner and future users of the site.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Hey Stephanie!

      It is true that once all started good with companies craving for potential customers’ opinions and a smart group who decided to do this favor to them with the help of their users. Smart enough indeed and the customers would earn as well. However, not all survey sites are reliable, especially nowadays when most of them are playing dirty games with the customers. Unfortunately, you are not the only one getting “disqualified” from a survey even though you spent some time on it. I am happy to hear that you found this article helpful to you and thank you for comment, Stephanie!


  • This is a detailed article. I have never heard of Vindale but I have taken surveys from other sites to see what it was about. Some surveys pay more than others but you have to be in the demographic in order to take them and reach a certain dollar amount to cash out. I guess it works for some people but I wouldn’t put too much into it.

    • Hey Justin!

      As first, thank you for your comment. I understand your lack of motivation to join a survey site. Even though some of the best surveys have citizenship restrictions which means that not everyone can join, which I would say leaves some more opportunities to the ones able to join, yet not a lot can be said on the earnings, anyway. However, if you want to spend your time on something that is worth it, I would suggest you have a look at my recent article, where I wrote on details on what I mean by that.


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