Mania Profit: All You Need to Know

If you have ever been looking for a way to earn money online from the comfort of your home with your legs stretched out on the sofa while making few clicks, allowing yourself even the freedom to dream on making money overnight, then there is a new website in town that promises you JUST THAT. How cool is that?
mania profit

$500 per day and it can be done by anyone that is able to use a personal computer or device, Mania profit promises nothing less but dreams online earnings. However, is it real or simply too good to be true?

For this and all the doubts and questions you may have on Mania Profit, today I decided to make a detailed review on the website that is taking the internet by storm. How does it work and most importantly, is it legitimate or not? Let’s get right in!

How Mania Profit Works

The way Mania Profit tries to increase their revenue is by convincing their customers to share the website and invite others in, while promising a stack of money to do so. I have emphasized words convincing the customers and their revenue, with the first one that practically means to deceive and the latter that has nothing to do with your personal profit.

Free to join, nothing to win.

They promise up to $1 for every click coming from your referral links to their site, as well as the opportunity to complete daily tasks or even upload videos on YouTube promoting them. It is all about promoting the website.

Who Can Use Mania Profit

There is no restriction of ANY kind to join the website, which means that anyone can do so no matter of age, nationality or degree. Apart from that, the sign-up is free and you can also earn up to $3 as soon as you get your feet in.

However, do you really want to do so? Think again. And by the end of this article you will be able to make a clear decision. Stay with me!

Customer Service

There is no contact information or customer service available at hand in the site, which makes it impossible to complain except in another platform or alternative way such as Trustpilot or even Beermoney.

This is a clear sign that you have to think twice before signing up or making even the slightest move in the website, which you very hardly you will want to, anyway. Who wants to join a site that is not ready to listen to their guests’ complains, do you?

Is Mania Profit Legitimate Site?

I know that this is most probably the main reason you came across to this review and you are in the right place. I got the answer for you, but that does not mean good news.

Mania Profit has taken the internet by storm and that happened pretty fast, escalating pretty quickly, and there they are as a new fraud hidden under the umbrella of legitimacy and high profits promises to their customers.

I would love to be otherwise but this site is not safe at all, and below I will show you a number of legit reasons to support what I am saying.

Mania Profit Complaints

Here I have decided to show you some of the most common complaints Mania Profit has received recently, and they make a long list altogether. Let’s have a look at some of them!

1. No SSL Certificate – For those who don’t know, an SSL Certificate is an online document that proves the ownership of a public key or website, and Mania Profit doesn’t own one, which doesn’t give a good impression at all. The certificate I am talking about, you can see next to your website link on the top of your site.

2. Essential grammar mistakes – Another clear sign that the site is not secure to use can be recognized by the grammar they use in their website writings. Laziness is something most frauds are well-known of, for this one to stand out from the infamous crowd.

3. Lack of contact informations – No founder information or email available to be contacted by.

4. Extraordinary claims – They promise “way too good to be true” earnings which remain none but a pleasant promise with nothing real in it.

mania profit complaints

5. Third party scams – Clicking on the offers in Mania Profit will often redirect you to a scam link on ClickBank, a mess this you don’t want to be into. So you better be careful where you step.

6. Payout threshold – Its high cash out threshold is one of the highest in the market, and this they support by their promises of high income. The probability for you to reach the threshold is as low as a camel going through the eye of a needle. Pretty much.

7. No payment proofs – Something that will give nothing but enough assurance to NOT join this site is the fact that there is not a single payment proof from their customers as a check or any other payment method.

You will hardly need to know more so you can decide to break up with the desire to join this website, do you?

Overall Rating

Name: Mania Profit
Customer Service: 1 out of 5
Earning potential: 1 out of 5
Profit withdrawal: 1 out of 5
Overall rating: 1 out of 5


Needless to say, Mania Profit is not a safe website to use and you don’t want their 3rd parties or your time spent in a spinning wheel for nothing, that is for sure.

It is pretty clear that the only reason why the website operates is for a one-man profit and that will not change until everyone gets their eyes opened and stop getting deceived by yet another online fraud with promises that don’t make sense. The best you can do with it is stay away from it.

However, if you dream writing or having your OWN personal blog or website, which is also known as online business, then the best suggestion I can give to you is the platform I myself am a member of which I am pretty confident you will love, just like I do.

You already know your niche and would like to share it with others or you are confused between food, fashion, travel, health or hundreds of others niches and your need help in order to start your dream adventure? Learn everything you need to know in here!

For any question, feel free to contact me through my email or simply by leaving a comment below.

24 Replies to “Mania Profit: All You Need to Know”

    • Hey Ukeme!

      Thank you for your comment. I don’t have good news for you though, as Mania Profit has a lot of complaints already and never a single payment proof from its customers. Mania Profit is a fraud, and that means that they will never pay you a single penny, so let me suggests you to stay away and to not fall prey of them. For any other questions, feel free to write to me or by simply leaving another comment in here.


  • Awesome article! There are certainly a lot of work from home scams out there today and many can be unsafe. Great article giving those wishing to work from home a warning before they invest their hard-earned money into such scams.

    • Hey Todd!

      It is true that there are a lot of scams out there today, and Mania Profit is one of them. I wrote this article with the purpose of opening the eyes of those who spend time on my blog or simply pass by to get more answers on Mania Profit, and I am glad to hear that you find it as such. Thank you for your comment and appreciation!


  • Thank you for this article, you are going to save more people. When you are under pressure maybe need to take care of a family by starting business online, it’s easy to fall under this type of traps. Of course you will not even consider the things you already mentioned here. I find this information helping.

    • Hey Violet!

      I absolutely agree with you. The more the pressure, the easier is to avoid any “suspicious signs” and even fall on scams online and even outside of it. That is why I often mention it in my articles on how to avoid scams online that is crucial to keep calm during every offer or opportunity, and especially online.
      Thank you for your comment and appreciation for the article!


  • You said essential grammar mistakes are important. I wonder what is considered an essential grammar mistake as I want to learn about more about this topic.

    • Hey Furkan!

      Essential grammar mistakes include the elementary mistakes done in a written language, and most of the times the beginner have hard times in punctuation, sentence structuring or even the improper spelling of the words separately, with the latter that requires extra work and attention as it is an alert on the written language skills of one. For any other question, feel free to do so in here!


  • Thanks for the info! I’m new to online marketing and scams like this one can get people like me who don’t have enough info to know what to watch out for. I’m also part of WA and am so glad I found it before scams!

    • Hey Nicole! As a new blood looking to find good pastures in this industry, you certainly belong to the list of endangered groups of people, however, I am happy to hear that you already joined Wealthy Affiliate, a genuine program that works and you are well on your way to success with your online business. Thank you for comment!


  • Hi Heku, love this article i picked up on the SSL in particular, a reason for this has i noticed that my site was only partly secure until i sorted it, this should help me better now by way of how Google looks at it.


    • Hey Dave! I am glad you found it helpful to you, in any way you did. SSL certificate is appreciated by both Google and your potential audience, so it is definitely something to look over. Thank you for your comment!


  • Hi Heku, and thanks so much for this review.

    I’ve heard of this program before but never checked it out yet. I’m glad I came across your review. I know to stay away from it now.

    It’s a shame there are so many scams like this online. There are many desperate people looking to make money to help themselves, and get excited when they see these types of claims. Thankfully, reviews like yours help to get the word out.


    • Hey Suzanne!

      I agree that a lot of people are looking desperately on how to make money online and that has often led to sites they were not looking for, leading to even losing money instead of earning. I am happy to hear you don’t belong to that group. Thanks a lot for your comment and kind words on it, Suzanne!


  • You know, I had been checking into Mania Profit and pretty much came to the same conclusion, that it is really not as good as they make it out to be. So I am glad I found this review, as it just solidifies exactly what I was thinking as well. It is nice to have these reviews, to help keep away from the scams…which there seems to be so many of these days! Thanks for the great review.

    • Hey Matts Mom!

      Just as with most of other hidden fraud sites online, nothing seems to be wrong with ManiaProfit yet the reality is otherwise, a dark hole covered with flowers with a bunch of smooth-talkers trying to reel you in. I am glad to hear that the review was helpful to you. Thanks a lot for your kind feedback!


  • Hi, this is a great and detailed review on Mania Profit. There are so many things online that mask as genuine opportunities for online business but are not really the case. This also makes people to miss the right online opportunities like Wealth Affiliate. It is only information like this in form of reviews that will educate people properly to make right decision online. I hope that many people who desire to do business online can take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Great job. Cheers.

    • Hey Joseph! I am glad you liked the topic and you found it helpful. I agree that there are a lot of unreal online working possibilities for which people need to know, so they don’t make the wrong choice. Thank you for your comment! 


  • With the current work from home order, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to make passive income and this post about mania profit has really piqued my interest. The steps to earn are quite easy and not unlike what I do as an affiliate marketer. However, the poor rating and features of the platform were really discouraging and I’ll have to let it go and keep working on the one legitimate platform I know, Wealthy Affiliate. 

    • Hi! I am happy to see that you trusted my opinion and had a look at this article before deciding to join Mania Profit, as that would be a loss of time indeed. Unlike Wealthy Affiliate where you get in time what you invest now. Thank you for dropping by.


  • Thank you for the honesty in this review about this mania profit and to be honest,a lot of my friends have signed up for this,thankfully that I decided to research first before engaging in something like this. Actually, the red flags are way too massive for me to go ahead with this platform so, I presume that I will step off this and also shares this with my friends too

    • Hey Ella! I am glad to hear that you found your answers in this article which will allow you to help your friends, at the same time. Thank you for your comment, as well as for sharing the article with your friends.

      Stay safe!


  • Hi! Mania Profit was marketed to me in an interesting way and I felt curiosity towards it. But I’m glad I began to research. Your post has taken a full X-ray of this platform and I have decided it’s not form me. It is not safe, as you have also said.

    Lack of contact information and no payment proof are enough for me to say no, no to this site.

    • Hi Ann! 

      I am pleased to know you read my post and found the answers you were looking for, and what’s best, that you didn’t waste your time in Mania Profit by reasonably saying “No”. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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