What Are The Non Delivery Scams?

The long list of internet includes that of non-delivery of merchandise kind of fraud, as it is possible only through the internet. The reason for that is that the fraudulent is well able to “hide” behind the screen.

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With the wish that you had never dealt with one and with the prayer that you never do so, today I decided to bring this type of fraud to awareness, while talking about the ways it works and how to avoid it. Let’s get started!

How Non-Delivery Fraud Works

As with most other scams, a non-delivery scheme is meant for the profit solely to the fraudulent without a single thought on how much it actually hurts its victim. Fraudulent doesn’t really mind about your pocket, that is certain.

The most common cause of this fraud is the fraudulent pretending to sell an item online, yet once it receives the payment, the item never reaches its supposed destination. The fraudulent goes on to list the same item again and again, with the eventual buyer never to receive the item they paid for that never actually existed.

Famous Non-Delivery Scams 

One of the most famous non-delivery schemes that are taking place especially in the US, UK, or Australia, includes the fraudulent hiring of affiliate marketers in their respective countries selling items that are unreal. That was never.


The scheme is especially focused on LCD TVs purchases with terrifically reduced prices, and once the purchase is done and the payment is completed, the delivery never happens. Leaving both the buyer and the marketer empty-handed.

One with damaged image and the other with damaged finances.

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Ways To Avoid Non-Delivery Fraud

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you when you see an item with a way to a good price and get confused whether the seller is real or not, then the first thing you have to do is remain calm.


Don’t let emotions rule you. A piece of life advice this that works just fine when handling any kind of scam, as well.

Some more advanced bits of advice on how to avoid non-delivery fraud include:


Final Conclusion

From all the ways mentioned above on how to avoid non-delivery fraud, paying only with a credit card is certainly one of the best ways how to avoid losing money through internet frauds. Banks are one of the very few institutions able to recover your money, so they remain a reliable source to count when making a payment, especially through the internet.

I invite you to follow the advice I just mentioned above, decreasing your chances to get scammed as low as possible.



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