OneOpinion Reviews: Legit or Scam

While survey-taking sites are good to spend some time and give your opinion on matters that interest you, you can hardly say the same for the beneficial part of them. Low-value for the high demand of time is what a standard survey site is characterized by.
oneopinion reviews

OneOpinion is one of them. Yet what this website differs from the rest of its blood-line is that it gives points even when you were found not eligible for a certain survey or were kicked out, as it happens quite often in survey-sites.

While there may be some white spots, lots of other comments from the customers say that the surveys are boring and take time to finish. So I decided to make a close research on the site and this is what I found out!

Is OneOpinion a Legitimate Site?

First things first, the website is completely legitimate and there are no signs that give a chance for it to be otherwise. Contact information, payments are done, customer service doing their job very well.

What else? The site is operating for more than 9 years and no scam website would be embraced by customers for so long. HOWEVER, if it is worthy of your time or NOT, that I will live that up to you.

How it Works

Like in most of the other survey sites, you are asked to give your opinion on certain products or services by the form of a survey and once that survey is finished, you will be eligible for a certain amount of points to grab, which in this case will be from 500 to 5000 such.

Before you get into completing surveys, all you have to do is register yourself to the website by simply giving your basic information to the virtual assistant that is there to assist you ( this new update is there since the beginning of 2020).

Right after that, you will be able to get your hands on the surveys available, get rewarded, and redeem rewards in the form of PayPal, Visa, Amazon, or Target gift cards.

oneopinion payment method

Who Can Use It

Unlike some other survey-sites, OneOpinion does have restrictions on demographics, which means that a lot of people won’t be happy about that. As for the moment, the website is operating only in the shortlist of countries and they include:

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain

Apart from that, you have to be at least 13 years old, and you will need parents’ approval if you are below 18.

Customer Service

The customer support of OneOpinion does their job very well as they are ready to address your issues whether at day or nighttime at a very fast pace. No wonder they have gotten very good reviews so far.

oneopinion virtual assistant

You can get in touch with their customer service team by giving them a call, sending them an email, or simply by writing to Emily, their virtual assistant.

Ways You Can Earn

The main way you can earn in OneOpinion is by doing surveys and giving your opinion about products, which is the standard of any survey-site. However, there is also another option for you to make money in OneOpinion through testing the products which have to get delivered to you physically so you can test it and give honest feedback to the respected company.

The system pays in points where 1000 points are equals to exactly $1, whereas you have to make a minimum of 25,000 points to be able to cash out, which means a minimum of $25 in form of PayPal, Visa, Amazon, or Target gift cards.

– You can earn between 350 to 5000 points per survey, which require from 5 mins to 30 mins, respectively. There are other surveys like Teens Surveys and Mobile Surveys, which are divided into groups due to the interests and time required to finish one.

Product testing
– This is a very good opportunity to test a product as you will be able to earn up to 50,000 points which equals to $50 and the product will be yours for no charge, most of the time. That’s a good deal, isn’t it?

OneOpinion Cons

There are a lot of benefits in OneOpinion for someone who is willing to put the time and who is reasonable enough to not expect to pay the bills out of a survey-site. However, let’s have a look at the other side of the medal of OneOpinion:

  •  High cash-out limit – You have to make at least 25,000 points which equal to $25 to cash out
  • Demographic restrictions – There are a lot of countries that are excluded from the list of those able to sign-up.
  • Low-earning potential – Even though this is a common con to every survey-site, I have to mention that the earning potential in OneOpinion is quite limited.

Overall Rating

Name: OneOpinion
Usability: 4.0 out of 5
Customer Service: 3.5 out of 5
System functionality: 3.8 out of 5
Earning potential: 3.3 out of 5
Profit withdrawal: 3.8 out of 5

Overall rating: 3.8 out of 5

Final Conclusion

As a final verdict, I can confirm that the site is legitimate and not a scam, but I cannot be so confident when talking about the earning potential as that is something that will leave you wanting for more.

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And if you are here because you want the answer to your questions on OneOpinon, I hope you found what you were looking for, and if there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to leave a comment below.


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4 thoughts on “OneOpinion Reviews: Legit or Scam

  1. Good to know that the earning potential at OneOpinion is limited. As with many survey sites, it can be a good way to pass the time and earn small amounts of money. At the very least, small amounts are better than no amounts, but the biggest cost comes in the form of time. While it may not be a great idea to invest too much time in a program such as OneOpinion, it can help to mitigate the costs of doing business in other area, such as hosting and domain fees. Your reference to Wealthy Affiliate is excellent, as it is one of the best online platforms and communities out there, highly recommended. I appreciate the review on OneOpinion and am looking forward to reading more of them, well done!

    1. Hi! 

      Thank you very much for dropping by and your appreciation of the post and Wealthy Affiliate community, which I recommended. I am pleased to know that you found the review helpful, as that was the intention of this article, and I will be glad to serve you with many more in the future.

      Stay safe! 


  2. Hi Heku,
    Definitely you are right about the earning potential of online survey site. Last year I had done the same through Swagbucks. The time that we spent over there and the earning capacity is quite not satisfying. So, I stop doing survey. Though I earned around 50 $ cash out through gift cards.
    The bright side as you’ve mentioned product testing is quite good. You get free product on top of that you will earn some points which can be redeem later on.
    Overall your site elaborate all kinds of stuff that is required by someone who is looking for survey site to make some side income.

    1. Hi,

      Very glad that you liked my article! I absolutely agree with you. You definitely cannot the bills through a survey site. However, giving it a shot doesn’t cost anything, while you can earn a couple of bucks along the way.

      Thank you for your comment!

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