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As the summer vacations from colleges and schools in overall is getting closer, students will much probably look out for a job, if they are not self-employed. Whether a student or unemployed, everybody needs a job. A very good opportunity this, for the employers requiring staff. It seems very simple in the first place right?

Both of them got what they were looking for. Happy end. Maybe not?

And one of the most preferred are work at home jobs that are not scams – surely scams are something you want to avoid.

Real online job opportunity or a mere scam?
Beware of online job opportunity scams

Unfortunately summer vacations are a preferred target of multiply unwanted intruders as well, camouflaged under the logo of a real company and often times no company name, millions of people fall prey of scams every year with mind-blowing stats on financial loss,es to the victims.

Today I decided to bring some very useful information together on a real online job opportunity right in front of you. I would love to help those who are looking for help on how to recognize job-offering scams and ways to avoid them; and by the end of this article – the cherry on top of the cake- a free-to-join online job opportunity. Stay with me!

Offer Money To Get A Job – Wait, What?

Most of online job opportunities’ frauds start by offering you a very high-income job with very little to do “just this or just that”, very few hours work from home.

It sounds too good to be true, right?

AND most of the times that’s how it is.

From offers to sell special type of services to the requirement of personal information to work on your behalf so they can pay you; some very infamous methods they work with are also asking people to pay for the SIGN-UP to an “advanced program”. 95% of the cases the money never comes back and it is very recommended to never pay in other ways but credit card.

The bank remains a reliable institution on your side if facing fraud and money laundry pretentious. When you stop and think about it: Can you imagine looking for an online JOB and getting asked to PAY?

Assuredly not something one is looking for.

Interview in-person and Hand-shaking remain the #1 most trusted and transparent hiring methods. Highly recommended comparing to all other forms of employment.

Who Are Job-Scams Targeting?

Looking for Work from home jobs that are not scams?
Looking for online job opportunities?

No gender is targeted in particular with female victims leading with 49.2%. The males follow with 48.4%, with the left 2.4% reported as X gender. There is not a big difference and none is safe.

Most common ways they target are Emails with 65.2%, Phone-call scams with over 15% with In-person, Social networking, Text message, Mobile applications and other part-taking the list with 1-3% respectfully.
As I belong to the most endangered category when it comes to scam attacks and financial losses – the millennial – I am very sad to see this period of years in life suffer massive financial losses in an attempt to find a job.

In various reports published recently all across the globe regarding scams and fraud with the focus on job-offering type, millennial are reported the most endangered generation. By FAR.

That is SAD. A case that definitely requires close attention.

The list follows with 25-34 years old victims of fraud, with 35-44 not behind them. With the generation of under 18 and Over 65 less targets, embracing the fact that they are the last in the list of people that are actually LOOKING for a job.

Financial Losses Statistics

With a report made known to public from the Department of Commerce in United States of America, the numbers are nothing less but terrifying. It did not go unnoticed by the media of any kind, that suggest the same as I did today – to pay close attention.

Even though scams are rampant today across the globe, USA leads the way with OVER 2.6 million fraud reports and Job-scams lead the way. To be more specific, the counted losses of the reports register over $320 millions. THAT.IS. A.LOT!

As for reports in 2018 up to this day, in Australia there are almost 600 reports on scams with 11.8% of them in financial losses in online job opportunities with the cost of $361k in losses. The amount is calculated solely for the first 2 months up to this day.


Earn while sitting on your couch?
Who wouldn’t?

With such scary sums on financial losses and fraud circling the internet, many people are having trust-issues nowadays. That is very reasonable. Like with most of my posts, today especially I decided to redirect you to a real job opportunity, start your business and make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is a FREE to join program, also known as a “University of internet marketing “, a community of experts and astonishing supportive members with thousands of training sessions available. To not forget the most favored one-on-one training with experts, especially for the beginners(Which is available if you decide to go Premium).

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For any questions or inquiry, feel free to contact on my personal email or simply leave a comment below and I will be happy to assist you.


18 Replies to “Real Online Job Opportunity – NO Scams”

  • Thanks for sounding the alarm by writing a post on this very important topic. It is so sad to see the many people who are scammed because they are either desperate or they don’t take the time to do their research because there are many scammers that are out there but with this kind of information you are providing person can now be more careful when they are confronted by these scammers.

    • Hey Norman!

      As first, thank you for your comment.
      The truth is, it is very sad to see so many people falling prey of scams. As you can see, the numbers on reported frauds and losses are massive, and I would love to help people to avoid such disaster in their lives.

      Feel free to contact me for any issue and Report a Scam

  • Hey Hekuran!

    I believe it’s even worse that the job seekers are ripped off. Paying for the sign up should immediately raise red flags to those who are either looking for a job or starting their online business (I’m from the latter camp).

    It’s great that you’ve mentioned Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Whoever reads this post or my comment, I strongly recommend that you check it out. I’ve learned so much within my first month being a WA member.

    Great job on the article you wrote! Keep up the great job! 🙂 We should definitely warn people about any scam that shows up.

    • Hey German!

      You mentioned very well about the first signs of a scam, which I really want to help as many people possible to open their eyes and not fall a prey of.
      Even though online scams are not something new the world of internet is dealing with, the amount of scams nowadays is enormous, and that is definitely something that requires attention.

      I am very happy for you that you took the first BIG step on joining Wealthy Affiliate, a decision you will never regret you took.

      Thank you very much for your comment and your very kind words on it. I wish you the best of success in WA, and feel free to contact me for whatever you may need!


  • I highly agree that there are SO many scams out there that take your money and run. They promise you a way of getting rich in a fast amount of time, but in return you’re left with a low-value product (or in most cases 0 value) that’s been slapped together in a day but sold to thousands of people for a $7 fee, with the owner being the ultimate winner, who’s literally made thousands with a days work. Great article and definitely an eye-opener.

    • Hey Brandon!

      Thank you for dropping by and for sharing your opinion with me and all the visitors at mamaineedanonlinejob. With this post as with all my others I want to open eyes to the people and not fall prey of enormous numbers of surrounding scams. As you said, everyone is a loser with a scam scheme except of the one, and that without integrity.
      Stay safe!


  • Great review and you statistics that you have included are staggering. Crime has a blind eye to who they rip off. The stats prove that.

    You have to be very careful not to fall for the easy get rich schemes and the shining object schemes as that is what they are, schemes to get your money.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform I have found that trains you for success instead of offering that shiny object. This is a Legit platform that I recommend to all my family and friends. It is not get rich scheme, but if you are willing to work hard and preserve, you will be successful.

    • Hey Donald!

      As first, thank you for your comment and your kind words.

      It is very true that everyone of us is endangered by scams that have surrounded us, and none make exceptions. This is a sad reality and a sensitive case that requires attention. That is why it was a good decision for me to write on these ugly schemes and open the eyes of those who value their own safety.

      I am happy to see you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and this in itself is a big step towards making money and your stable income monthly, not merely waiting for the next salary to fill empty pockets. I am sure you will not regret.

      Thank you for sharing this with us.


  • Hi Hekuran,
    Wow, those statistics are scary! We have to be so diligent when researching online for jobs. I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate. They are certainly NOT a scam. This is the best place to learn how to build your own business from scratch, no experience necessary. The best part is that you can join for free. That way you can try out all they have to offer and decide for yourself, no investment up front.
    Thanks for this post,

    • Hey Suzanne!

      The idea of this post and my website in general came from my own experience of dealing with unexpected scams all around internet, in every industry and internet marketing certainly doesn’t make an exempt – actually many sources say it is one of the most affected.
      Thank you for your comment.
      From my own experience I know the feeling of falling prey of a scam and I do not want someone else to suffer something of the same nature.
      Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, not a lie, and certainly one I would suggest anyone who dreams of an OWN online business.
      I am happy you took the amazing step to join Wealthy Affiliate, one your will surely not regret.
      For any , feel free to contact me.


  • Hi there and thank you for flagging up this important point. It’s not fair to target students in particular but anyone can be a victim of scammers. The problem is that you don’t often know that it’s a scam until it’s too late so thank you for posting such shocking statistics for us to read.
    I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate however as I use them myself and have set up 2 different niche sites that I love working on and that are also bringing in the money. You need to have patience though but the rewards are there if you stick with it and work hard – no different to having a job or any other business in that though,.
    All the best. Gail

    • Hey, Gail!

      As first thank you for commenting your opinion on the matter.
      It is true indeed, that internet is full of scams and as years go by, the scams multiply as do the schemes and ways they use in their fraudulent activities.
      Scammers doesn’t care about anyone else’s pocket, so what we gonna do is we are going to save ourselves. The unfortunate statistics tells the same, and the fact is pretty disturbing. One we should work on to stop.

      I am happy to hear that you are part of Wealthy Affiliate as well. That tell me you’re in the right path of making money online in the best and most reliable way.


  • This is a very wonderful piece. Thank you very much for this. A lot of people fall victim of scammers and fraudsters  all because their focus is fixed on the promised reward. How I wish people would learn to know the truth behind all this free offers. A saying even goes by, “not all good things come easy”. Thank you once again for this.

    • Hey Henderson! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. And yes, I agree with your saying, good things don’t come easy, and certainly not without some effort of some kind. 


  • The good thing about this is that you have raised an alarm of the number of scams that are out there right now. It is very unfortunate that these kinds of things are actually going on up till now even though you wrote this about a year ago. Today, people are really falling victim because people are looking for online businesses to run but because there are so many scams, they lose their money. Wealthy affiliate is a good place to start up. Nice work

    • Hey Riley! 

      The scams have been around since the Internet’s first steps, and they keep being part of it, getting more creative every day. Although this post is written a year ago, it is still very useful in learning on the ways how to avoid unreal online job opportunities and go for one that is legal and actually works. Thank you for your comment!


  • Thank you so much for sharing this post here and I really appreciate this here. To see real opportunities online, it is better to be very aware of the various problems associated with working online generally. Thank you for providing details here. I value this post and I will try all my best to ensure I can make good use of this platform. Thank you and thumbs up for providing wealthy affiliate as a legit platform

    • Hey Ella! 

      I am very glad to hear that you found this article useful and have made your mind to join Wealthy Affiliate, a decision you will surely not regret. I wish you all the best in the online world of opportunities. Thank you for your comment and your kinds words! 


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