Scams About Government Grants

As fraudulent activities are on the rise in most parts of the world, so are the variety of the ideas the scammers are using to deceive people. And this time they have decided to be bold enough to play with fire, with the government itself.

scams about government grants

An email, text or even phone call that says you are entitled to a certain amount of money that is totally valid and comes from official sources of your country. Now, who wouldn’t fall for that?

Today I am going to show you the cracks on this type of scam and how you can prevent yourself and your family from it.

What Are Scams About Government Grants?

Scams about government grants are the unreal news of a certain amount of money to be given to you as a grant from your government coming from an unreal source that pretends to be from the official ones, whether by email, texting, or even as bold as a phone call.

Like most of the other fraudulent activities, scams about government grants are on the rise during this period when COVID-19 has made us put our heads inside our houses with not a lot of options on how to make an income.

The scams are well aware of this reality we are living in and they will try to get their hands on any vulnerable target that falls for it. And nobody wants to be part of that list.

Who are the targets?

Anyone can be a target of this type of scam, HOWEVER, there are a certain groups of people who are more vulnerable to the temptation than the rest.

To be more clear with that, all I will exclude from the group is the younger generations, which would be way too suspicious for them to receive a grant and the fraudsters are usually a bit smarter than that.

Why Does Government Grants Scam Happen?

Some main reasons why a scam contacts you for a FREE or low-cost government grant scam are:

How to Recognize and Avoid a Government Grant Scam

There are many ways this type of scam can knock on your door, but the good news is there are ways you can recognize and prevent any of that. Let’s get straight to it!

  •  Lottery Government Grant – You may receive a mail or call that says that you have been drawn as the winner of the government grant through a drawing. Don’t fall for that. Grants have never been chosen through a draw or raffle.
  • Deceiving address of the caller – The one who contacted you may have a different location due to the development of technology and programs online. Even though they may be calling or emailing you from a whole different location, just because it is a look-alike it doesn’t mean it is the same. Think about the kind of grant you are being told you have won or earned by following a simple scam-or-legitimate checklist, before getting your hopes high.
  • Pay small amount to redeem your grant – The governments will never require you to pay any amount of money in order for your to be able to redeem the grant they want to give you, so don’t agree to pay any amount of money when asked for a grant.
  • Don’t give your personal information to strangers – Never give your information away to people you don’t know or the intentions of which you are not completely sure of. Your personal information, and especially your bank account, are what the scam artists behind this scheme are mostly after.


Do not let yourself be deceived by yet another type of fraud that can cost you lots of time and even money. When it comes to government grants, you can apply for one in official sites ( like for the United States).

Only then you will be eligible to receive one after you have been notified by an official agent, and not through any of the ways I mentioned above. Do your homework and tick your checklist before making a costly decision.

#StayHome and stay safe!

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6 thoughts on “Scams About Government Grants

  1. This article is helpful to me why because am new in the united state, I came here as a student, because I pretty don’t know my way around here, I will need some guidance which I just received reading your article

    Secondly, last month, fake social security workers called me when my friends save me from. am saving this website on my phone, in case of necessity.

    Thank you 

    1. Hey Betie! 

      I am pleased to know that you found my article helpful to your newly started adventure in the US. As anywhere else, there will certainly be these black holes you want to avoid, but if you do your homework like you did now with the government scams, you will certainly be alright. Thank you for your comment. And if you need something else or you want to know something about a certain topic or suspicious activity, feel free to leave another comment or email me at

      Stay safe!


  2. Hello heku, you know my aunt actually got an email of this type very recently and she was very happy thinking when was in for a very wonderful on seeing that she could get some money but I smelt something fishy and decided that I needed to do some research on this and it brought me here. Thank you for showing is that this is nothing but a total scam.

    1. Hey Riley! 

      I am sorry to hear that your aunt was a target of fraudulent activity such as this. But it is very pleasing to me to know that you found this article helpful and did not allow your aunt to make a wrong decision on the process.  Thank you for sharing this with us! 


  3. I work in the I.T and coupled with my side gig as an affiliate marketer, I am aware that there are a lot of scams being run on unsuspecting people on the internet. However, I had no idea that there is a scam about government grants until I came across this post, which has been very informative. Thanks for shedding the light on the matter and creating much needed awareness. I remember when a stranger had hit me up on my social media account saying I had won a lottery I didn’t enter for, now I know I made the right decision of reporting the person then.

    1. Hi! 

      As first, thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience with us. I am glad to hear that you found this post helpful and most importantly, that you didn’t fall prey to the scammer that offered you a reward you never applied for. 

      There are many ways the scams online tend to operate and lottery and even grants about scams are just two of those. If you ever need any help or want to know more about any suspicious activity, feel free to leave a comment or send me a personal email, and I will be glad to help you. 

      Stay safe!


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