How to Start Your Own Blog For Free Online

Recently I have come to realize that a lot of people are not aware that the possibility to start your own blog for free online is very real. With the tools at hand these days, it has never been easier to show everyone what you know, and what do you wish for them to know as well.

Start you own blog free online

Today I was searching for a keyword on my next article, as any blogger does, and surprisingly I found out that a lot of people like you are actually looking for a way to start your own blog free online. I was like “wow, all this audience who still doesn’t know about it?”

The truth is there are a lot of others like you in the same pit.

Therefore, today I decided to give you the answers to your questions and redirect you to the one program I am using. To let you know briefly the most important features the program provides and why that is my #1recommendation for you. Let’s deep in!

Is it possible to start your own blog online for free?

We live in the 21st century, and sure enough, technology has advanced tremendously on a sizable scale. Not everything seems to be in our favor though, as scam artists are everywhere, but so are the opportunities for business, to work online and earn eligible income monthly.

It is very true that there are a lot of scams that made people lose trust whenever they hear the word “FREE”. The best what you can do is discipline yourself on online scams by understanding the schemes they use and be vigilant to avoid such fraud activity.

Thankfully, they are not ALL scams. Some of them are trustworthy, indeed( like Wealthy Affiliate)

The answer is YES – You can start your own blog online for free.

Can I Start a Blog For Free?

There is no logical reason I can think of to say that you can not do. If fear is stopping you to do so, then just do it afraid.

The only legit requirement for you to start a blog today is the will. The will to help others and share with others your gifts and talents, that can help a lot of people.

By the end of this post, you will know how to do so. Starting today.

Should I Start a Blog?

There are a lot of reasons why you should start a blog, and generating an eligible income from the comfort of your couch close by to your family, are just a few of them. The most reasonable ones why you should do so. Some things you can help others with include:

You can decide to talk about yourself and your own life experiences and how did you do in your rough times, which can help other people overcome theirs.

  • There is something in your life that gets your attention and you always wanted to know more about it, and that same knowledge you want to share with others.
  • You are experienced in a specific area like sports, economy, culture, culinary, you name it, and you want to share it with others.
  • Or you simply love writing and you love the time you spend while doing so, then why hinder yourself from doing something you love while it can be a fruitful business and you will be paid from that sooner or later.

The reasons why you should start a blog are COUNTLESS I am not saying everyone just has to be a blogger and start writing, but if that is something you like then there is a reasonable explanation why you should do so.

What about the cost? It’s FREE.

How to Start a Blog For Free Online

Internet searching has arrived at a point where there is no place for I-know-it-all people. What I want to say with that is, the best way to start a blog is by choosing your own niche you want to talk to and help. 

I will show you some ideas on how to get started:

You can be good at shooting 3 points in basketball. – There are countless opportunities solely in this niche. Countless things you can write on. Starting from the position one should have, how it works best, how to create space, later to expand to the best wardrobe, the best sneakers to play with and on and on the story can go. Never-ending.

  • You can be good at shooting 3 points in basketball – There are countless opportunities solely in this niche. Countless things you can write on. Starting from the position one should have, how it works best, how to create space, later to expand to the best wardrobe, the best sneakers to play with and on and on the story can go. Never-ending.
  • Or you can start speaking to your niche on how to do the best obedience training for dogs, and in time, the story could go as far as to show your niche your suggestion on dog food, which will ultimately generate your income through commission on that particular item. And you know the best part? It will never stop doing so, instead, your income will keep increasing as does your audience.

How does your audience grow? The more posts you publish, the more keywords you enrich your blog with, the more people engaged to your website, eventually.

Where Do I Start

I had the dream of having my own business online and having my own blog, write for the things I wanted to. But I always seemed to find an excuse not to do it, saying things like “blogging is something I can’t afford”, “that is very hard”, simply saying “it is out of my reach” and “I have NO CLUE”.

If you are feeling the same way I did, then don’t worry, I have been there and nothing to worry about it. Most of us feel the same way when starting out. If only engineers or certified internet marketers were able to create a blog, then we would be hopeless. But it’s not that way. And you don’t have to have any degree in order to start a blog.

There are some things you will really need, though, if you want to succeed.

  1. Determination– You have to be passionate about what you will decide to write about. If you decide on something you don’t know about or don’t like to, then you will be much less effective.
  2. Hard work – You have to work hard and be determined you want to succeed in what you are doing. Anyone who promises you eligible income without hard work is probably fraudulent.
  3. Patience – You will surely need patience. Blogging is not an overnight success story, but you have to work hard and be patient so you can reap the fruit. The amount of time needed until you start generating income is MOSTLY up to you.

As I promised you, this is the moment I will show you the program I am using, which is all free and you can have up to 2 FREE websites of your own up and running. If you already have a niche on your mind you want to start with, you can do so here!

Why Wealthy Affiliate

The reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommendation actually are many( click for the full review on Wealthy Affiliate), not one and only. Just to give you a clue, inside Wealthy Affiliate you can expect to find:

  • Two very helpful and supportive owners you can communicate with personally, with over 15 years of experience in internet marketing.
  • You can create two websites of your own for free.
  • 10 FREE step-by-step training sessions on how to get started.
  • Live Chat to ask other members anytime you need something, or even PM them.
  • FREE accurate and reliable keyword research tool inside the community.
  • Thousands of video training available at hand.

These are some of the most important features that you will find once you make the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate. I never regret joining Wealthy Affiliate. I doubt I ever will.


I recommend you jump right into the step-by-step training which is available for FREE inside Wealthy Affiliate once you join( or simply by clicking the link), and there you will be told exactly what steps you should take. One step at a time.

The fact that you got to the end of this post tells me that there much probably was something you liked about it or my website that you got this far. As I am grateful to you, I also have to give a lot of credit to Wealthy Affiliate. Without them, my road would be much longer, certainly.

And If I can do it, you can do it too.

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  1. This was a very insightful article, I have already started my own blog but I did find some things that I did not know. I’m sure this article will be very useful to people just getting on their feet, I have been telling a friend of mine all the advancements I have made in my blog and now she wants to start one too, I will show her this article to help her get on her feet

    1. Hey, Kelsey!

      First, thanks a lot for your comment. I am glad you found the article helpful enough to share it with your friends.

      I do the same with my friends whenever we talk about work. Except the income, I think everyone has a talent and it is definitely a waste if it is not. I would love to see your friends to join, and they will surely have the help of mine and all the Wealthy Affiliate community.


  2. This is a very good review for Wealthy Affiliate I know and love this platform here. I have tried other places they just didn’t cut it. The thing about Wealthy Affiliate you don’t even need to know how when you start they will teach you. Anybody can do it just takes will.

    1. Hey, Fred!

      It is very true that anyone can join Wealthy Affiliate as long as knows how to press a button on their personal computer, and the best part of it is that it can do good in it, indeed, if he is determined to succeed working online. I was one of them. Without the training and the support from Wealthy Affiliate community, my road would be way much longer, certainly.

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment!


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