The Wealthy Affiliate University Review 2018

When it comes to clothing or eating, most of us tend to be very picky. Especially when we live in times when we got a lot of stuff in our wardrobe but don’t know which one to wear, we go to the market only to find tens of brands on the same product, and that doesn’t always make our job easier.

Wealthy Affiliate logo image.

The same seems to happen whilst going out in a restaurant – now who doesn’t get confused from those long menus they got? – A large variety of choice often gives us confusion.

In this post I am going to show you one of the very few programs in the internet that actually WORK – the same time I want to help you get started working on your dream of an online business. Let’s deep in!

What do you recommend?

Having previously worked as a waiter, I am a witness of over 90% of the guests attending the restaurant were seeking for help on what to pick from the menu. It is quite obvious.

Getting known of some of the guests basic preferences, taking in consideration especially health issues or the amount of spice and other daily food tastes, a waiter is supposed to recommend the best match for the guest to have the best experience for both to turn out happy at the end of the night.

The same thing I have in mind with this post as well, where I will recommend the best choice the industry got in its ranks.

Since you can call me your “server” here as well, it is obvious that a proper working online money making program is your “preference” and money is the dinner you are here for. Since the online money making industries have very few choices and mostly “junk food”, I am going to give you the best recommendation from the trivial menu of true programs that can actually help you out.

I will introduce you Wealthy Affiliate and its three most astonishing features the platform provides; to give you a clear understanding of what is it all about, how does it work and the cost and value of the entire program.

Wealthy Affiliation – The Money Making University

With 2 wonderful and amazingly friendly co-founders with over 15 years experience in the industry and thousands of training courses and programs available to enrich your knowledge and practice, adding over 1.5M active members ready to help at anytime and very supportive towards any requests, make this platform a worthy one to lean on for your long-term online business plans.


SiteRubix Platform Inside Wealthy Affiliate


One of the most important features of Wealthy Affiliate is its companion – SiteRubix.

I was left stunned and speechless when I first joined and confirmed that I could have my OWN website for not more than 40sec.

I was like, WOW – is that actually possible?

It is.

The technology is improving everyday, and SiteRubix is another proof of that. It does almost EVERYTHING behind the scenes. Even though you can change the settings later on as you wish. And it makes it under less than 40secs. You will surely appreciate that.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

But as every content writer knows, for a content to get a good rank on google, which leads to more audience and revenue eventually, you will need a good Keyword researching tool.

If you have experience with keywords, which most possibly you did if you are a content writer or looking to become one, than most of them are nothing but a lie which provides none but inaccurate researching keywords.

The good news is, there is Jaaxy – Keywords and Niche Research – which is trustworthy and dependable. You do not have to keep losing ranks and revenue but go up and improve instead, and this software will make your job easier.

Cost and Value – What you can expect

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! As a Starter Member account you will be able to own up to 2 websites of your own, Training Course 1 ( which includes 10 Lessons) and another FREE course on Affiliate Bootcamp as well.

To not forget 7 days of live-chatting feature that is highly recommended to ask for help of any kind. A MUST for a newbie.

However, the Premium feature for the first month costs only $19 , and the first month, $49 monthly. Or you can go yearly for only $359 a year, a deal that will save you 39% in general. The premium feature includes:

  • Unlimited Live Help
  • Able to open up to 50 websites of your own
  • Website security package
  • Live Video Classes
  • Full List of Training Sessions both on Bootcamp and Regular Courses.I will talk about the advantages of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Features in particular in another post for an insightful review and help on what is available to you through WA Community Premium Account.PLUS – An additional astonishing surprise is waiting for those who go Premium, and will receive it ONLY after they do so. Guaranteed – You will LOVE it!

    Overall Rating

    Name: Wealthy Affiliate
    Earning potential:                             It is all in your hands.
    Able to connect with the owners:   Yes
    One-on-one training:                        Yes
    Trustworthy:                                       Yes
    Usability:                                             4.7 out of 5
    Customer Service:                             4.9 out of 5
    System functionality:                       4.6 out of 5
    Profit withdrawal:                             5.0 out of 5
    Overall rating:                                    4.8 out of 5


    With so much expertise in one place, there is no doubt on why Wealthy Affiliate got the name “Academy” for online entrepreneurship and affiliate programs.

    This was my honest review on top 3 of the most important features Wealthy Affiliate provides. All you have to do is think on the niche you are passionate writing on, and write the same words right below to start your OWN website in a matter of seconds for FREE.

    With determination, hard-work and patience, you can do it. I could. So can you.

    Build your OWN website now and start writing on the things that you love, while helping others. And yourself.