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One of the first things that go to one’s mind when thinking about Triond is a “Content farm”, as many call it. And that’s how it is. A publishing service with a very easy to use writing platform, simple edit and auto saving included, in case you forget to save a post yourself.

A good way this, to start blogging without owning a website. Just to get a clue how things go, learn how to get started in marketing or to promote yourself.

Today I decided to bring a detailed review on Triond, and everything you need to know about it. How does it work, how much can you actually earn with it, and how recommended is it? – Let’s deep in!

Is Triond Legitimate or a Scam?

There is no clear evidence to say that Trionds is actually a scam, and it would not be ethical to say so, and misinforming to you, at the same time. It is Legal indeed. More of a legal misuse, I would say.

A legal operating loophole.

Triond – How It Works

You have writing skills but do not have your own website yet and what you do is, join Triond where you can post through its very easy-to-use writing platform, with the possibility for the same post to circulate around its partners through the internet. It looks fun.

You will be able to choose the category you want to post your article in, even being able for later to change it through its Relocate function, and easy to see the statistics of the same one in the Publish page.

Trionds' writing platform
Triond writing platform screenshot

There is also a function to share your article on social media, and an Explore button which allows you to see the trending topics. A good information this, when choosing your next post.

Who Can Use It

Pretty much everyone who possesses a personal computer, and is able to create original and unique content. No restrictions on age, gender or ethnicity.

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Cost and Value

Joining Triond is free. The pro about it is that you can see the statistics on how many page clicks and how much is the particular page generating through publishing page, which can help you decide what kind of topic you should write next.

Customer Service

They have a very low customer service, with unmoderated forums, and that often speaks a lot of the determination of the company towards giving its guest a great experience and overall service.

Several customers report for abuse and spam inside the forum, and there is nobody to get hold to, as most of the times there appears a message saying ” Bad Gateway” every time they try to contact the directors through the platform’s contact info.

This definitely leaves a bad impression.

Ways You Can Earn with Triond

The return to this website comes from the ads displaying on the same pages you add your content to. It is basically making money from blogging while “borrowing” a website to post your content on and do this by connecting to AdSense. If the minimum withdrawal amount is met, they pay through PayPal, Western Union or by check.

Triond Cons – How Recommended Is It

The earning potential it varies from posting consistency and topics, but the standard this platform pays its members is $0.01 per 1000 views. Some pennies for over 1000 views? That’s scary.

Categories on which you can write on Trionds
Categories on Triond.

You don’t want this to rely on for your future. Certainly not.

It is obvious that it requires some decent time to earn through Trionds unless you provide a huge traffic source. In an average, you will need more than 100.000 clicks per every new post you publish, to generate a healthy income through this platform.

Digits these, that can secure you a MOUNTAIN with money if it were for your own website. They really would.

Overall Rating

Name: Triond
Website: www.trionds.com
Training:                               3.9 out of 5
Customer service:                2.1 out of 5
Usability of the platform:  4.0 out of 5
Money withdrawal:             4.0 out of 5
Earning potential:               3.2 out of 5
Overall Rating:                    3.3 out of 5

Final Conclusion

All in all, as you can see in this Triond review, the service offers very low earning potential and requires lots of time. Time which you could spend way much better. Being in this industry myself, I would not recommend Triond. Certainly not if you are looking for a full-time income.

We all know that not long ago people could simply write articles and submit them to article directories, but those days are gone now. Nowadays, savvy writers are connecting directly, which allows them more money making opportunities. Which, is a wise move.

I will highly recommend you to have a look at my latest review I did on Wealthy Affiliate, the program I am a part of, to learn all you need to know about it. However, the decision to take action is unavoidably yours.



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