The Ultimate Vivatic Review You Don’t Want to Miss

Online rewarding programs are not new, and most of us have heard of or use one of them. Regular or once in a while, the majority of our community today has turned to “survey sites” for that little extra monthly income most of us need. Can you rely on Vivatic for it?

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The reason I listed it under Top Reviews is the large variety of possibilities it offers for some extra money. At least in the category of those also known as “fast money making sites”.

Founded in 2009 in the United Kingdom, Vivatic now functions in over 10 countries, like the US, UK, or even Germany. Whether it is worthy of your attention or a waste of time, how it works, and all you need to know, I invite you to follow this Vivatic review and find out all the answers you are craving!

How Vivatic Works

Like most of the other rewarding programs, Vivatic rewards its customers for doing a specific task.  Different from most of the other survey sites, they pay very quickly from the moment you finish what they require from you.

There is a minimum amount of £25 for you to be able to withdraw your money through PayPal, amount this not very hard to reach, especially if you live in places where different offers appear slightly more often Especially in the UK, the country of origin.

Who Can Use Vivatic

All you need is a Laptop or PC, much preferred than a phone, and you can jump right on. There are several offers from its partners that require you to have authorized PayPal specifically in the UK.

However, most of the other offers are available for everyone and there is no restriction on religion, age, or ethnicity.

Cost and Value of Vivatic

Joining Vivatic is absolutely easy, free, and totally safe. You will be even rewarded £1 upon sign-up.

At the end of the day, you won’t lose anything. Certainly not.

So why not give it a try and earn some little extra cash while you do so.

Customer Service of Vivatic

One of the ways how to expose a scam is by looking at their privacy policy and “about us” pages, and that is smart, indeed. Customer service is another feature that says a lot about a company. Vivatic doesn’t fall short on it.

Their customer service can be hardly said is some of the best out there, but they do their job pretty well and don’t leave their customers in any black hole screaming, nobody hearing their voice. They hear and answer you in an accepted timing manner.

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Ways You Can Earn With Vivatic

There are plenty of ways you can earn through Vivatic. Surveys are one of the most recommended, but not the only ones.

Even though there are plenty of surveys available every time you log in to Vivatic, there are also numerous other ways you can take advantage of. The list includes:

  • Cash offers and tasks – pretty similar to surveys with very small differences. The different partner they are working with is one of them.
  • Surveys – Toluna is a big partner of Vivatic, and you will have plenty of surveys to work on daily.
  • Jobs – There are writing jobs inside Vivatic that you can apply for when you complete 20 regular tasks.
  • Completing Profile and verifying PayPal – And you will get rewarded for that.
  • Referrals – Another amazing way you can earn through Vivatic is by referring Vivatic to your friends and earning £2 for every friend who reaches £10 of profit.

Pretty good ways to earn through Vivatic, indeed. However, let’s have a look at the other side of the medal!

Vivatic Disadvantages

I would love to say that this program is completely pure without a single con, but that would be a deception.

Can something actually be wrong with it?

In fact, there are not a lot of cons I can tell you about Vivatic, however, it would not be ethical at all for me to not do so for the actual ones. As any medal has 2 parts, so does Vivatic. I see only 2 things I am not a fan of in it, and I think you should know about them.

  • Only UK PayPal account – There are numerous amount of offers requiring you to have a verified UK-based PayPal account, and not everyone is eligible to grab them.
  • Low earning potential – It is true that it offers various possibilities for how to make money, but small money, not a stack of it. It has very low earning potential, as most of the survey sites do. You certainly cannot expect Vivatic to give you a huge hand paying your bills at the end of the month.

Overall Rating

If translated to numbers, my Vivatic review and its most important features would look as below.

Name: Vivatic
Usability:                       4.2 out of 5
Customer Service:       4.0 out of 5
System functionality: 4.0 out of 5
Earning potential:       3.8 out of 5
Profit withdrawal:      4.0 out of 5
Overall rating:             4.0 out of 5

It doesn’t look bad, does it?


I used to be a regular Vivatic user but had to stop that due to not being able to make an acceptable profit from that. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with you.

What I can confirm is: That didn’t hurt. I encourage you to join now, grab your sign-up bonus and give it a try for yourself.

However, If you plan to join Vivatic and expect to make a massive profit out of it, then you’re headed to disappointment. Certainly not worth your time for the long term.

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