Is Panda Research Legit?

The long list of “fast money-making sites” or survey sites includes the famous Panda Research in its ranks, as well. Whenever there is a survey site jiggling your mind, you want to search whether the site is safe for you or not, right?

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You’re in the right place.

Today I will discuss more on what is Panda Research Surveys about, and most importantly, is Panda Research Legit? Let’s have a look!


Is Panda Research Legitimate Legit?

I would love to tell you that the site is just a scam and you don’t have to waste your time anymore. However, the company has been around for almost 15 years now ( founded in 2005) and is not a scam.

Here is all the trick – a legit waste of time.


Like most survey sites, Panda Research gets paid by their clients to ask for the opinions of their audience on specific products, questions, or feedback. The first one pays for the favor, for the latter to share the revenue with its customers. Most of the clients require the guest to fill a pre-survey application to verify whether it is an adequate candidate to participate in the survey or not.

The average time it takes to complete a survey varies from 10 to 15 minutes per survey, while the payment ranges from $.10 to $15. There is also a Panda Mail feature where you can earn simply by reading random emails available on the site.

Panda Research is specially dedicated to US citizens, and ONLY they are able to sign-up and use it.

Cost and Value of Panda Research

It doesn’t cost a thing to join Panda Research. However, when it comes to how worthy is it – you will learn it by the end of this article.

Panda Research Customer Service

Panda Research does have a Privacy Policy, and that is a good sign for a company. At least it tells you that it is not a scam. They also have a customer service you can get in contact with through the contact information they have provided.

However, they are not very well-known for the efficiency in their job and there are several guests’ bad reviews for “not getting the answer they required” and “not getting their issue solved”. Instead, they keep pushing their customers back and forth, without solving the problem at the root.


Ways You Can Earn Through Panda Research

  • Surveys- Panda Research is a survey site and as such, it has a lot of surveys you can fill and make money from. The price ranges from $.10 to $15 for survey completion.
  • Offers – There are a number of offers you can take get your hands on and get rewarded for that.
  • Referral- Referring your friends to the site can earn you extra income as well, for every friend who does so.
  • Panda Mail- You can make money by simply reading emails. You will get paid $.02 for every email you read through Panda Research.

The minimum cash out amount is $50, and that is the only available option you can cash out.

For example, in case that you have $112 then you have to request two separate segments of $50 each. The leftover will remain in your balance for the next withdrawal.

Panda Research Cons

It is pretty obvious that no site or company functions without any mistake or unhappy customers down the road, however, the list of Panda Research reviews do seem to have an extended number of them. Some of the most common complaints on Panda Research are listed below.

  • It takes a massive amount of time to complete certain surveys worth just some pennies
  • Exaggerated delay on processing the withdrawal to some of its clients
  • Poor customer service
  • Customers get to know they are not unqualified for certain surveys even after they started
  • The site informs the guest that the survey is no longer available even AFTER they have completed it.

Panda Research Overall Rating

Name: Panda Research
                           3.8 out of 5
Customer Service:
        3.2 out of 5
System functionality:
3.7 out of 5
Earning potential:
       3.8 out of 5
Profit withdrawal:
       3.5 out of 5
Overall rating:
               3.3 out of 5

Final Conclusion

There are plenty of ways you can make money through Panda Research indeed, but if the site is actually worth spending your time on, that remains questionable to the day.

If you are planning to join Panda Research with the thought of making a generous amount of money, then I recommend you stop for a moment and ask yourself again. Plainly said, that is not possible through a survey site, less likely with Panda Research.

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For any questions, feel free to contact me through my personal email or simply by leaving a comment below. I will be glad to assist you.

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