What is Userfeel and Can You Make Money With It?

What is Userfeel

You get ready for a night out, wear your silk dress and shiny shoes, match the earrings, put your make-up on, and are ready to go – almost.

You got a glance of yourself in the mirror, but you wouldn’t mind having a second thought – you need honest feedback. You go to your sister – her honest feedback will confirm one side of your that told you something needed to be changed, or the other side of you that told you everything was okay.

That’s pretty much the whole answer to your question – “What is Userfeel?”. Well, there are some other things you need to know about it. What are they? Stay with me!

What is UserFeel?

Userfeel.com is a Website for Remote Usability Testing, established in the United Kingdom and Greece. It has been running since 2010; they claim they have helped thousands of clients up until now, reach their UI/ UX goals.

Judging by the site’s overall design, it appears to be a start-up and “younger” in some sense. There is no expert mumbo jumbo – same as Userlytics, -and it does not boast about its clients.

How does Userfeel work?

Userfeel is open to everyone who is 18 or older. When registered, you will need to complete a confirmation test which will help Userfeel to determine you as a potential tester. To do this you’ll require to download and set up Userfeel’s screen and voice recording software.

The best tip I can offer here is to look at Userfeel as if you were the client. What would you need to know if you were the site or app owner? What type of qualities would you be searching for in somebody who is evaluating your site? Having someone just bouncing around your website saying “this is great”, “that’s incredible”, “what you’ve done is actually fantastic” and so on is not really healthy. You can get your family and friends to do that.

Site and app owners need to know exactly what you like, and what you do not like – and most importantly – why or why not. They also wish to hear recommendations for improvements and – if possible – factors to support those tips There are no right or wrong responses, but if you keep these things in mind and provide genuine and honest feedback you have way better chances to succeed.

And, don’t worry about not being an expert. Site and app owners want to speak with real people – not necessarily expert analyzers and optimizers.

How do I sign up to work for UserFeel?

The sign-up process is quite similar to other user test websites.

  • Register on the website (by clicking on the link)
  • Verify your email and create a password.
  • Take the confirmation test, which is a presentation of how the use test works.

Wait up until they accept your confirmation test, after which you can download their software and start working.

How Much Can you Make with Userfeel?

As a website tester, you earn money by responding to requests for tests. When tests are available, Userfeel sends messages to their testers, and the tests are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Since tests are 10-20 minutes, and you can make $10 each, you can make up to $60 in one hour (if you perform six 10-minute tests back to back).

There’s generally a large number of testers in contrast with the number of tests, therefore, it’s very not likely to do several tests within one hour, or to check websites consistently.

After performing the test, Userfeel authorizes the test, and you can expect payment after one week.


As its website says “You can get 5 tests per day or you can get 1 test per year”, confirms the fact that only less than 3% of the users are making extra income from the platform.

Whether you want to try to be part of that 3%, work on something else, or start your own business online – I will go out, close the door, and let you decide for yourself.

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