World Cup Scams and How to Avoid Them

As the World Cup stars have already hit the ground and this majestic sports’ event has taken place, there is also the “other” side of the medal I think you should know about.

Tickets for the World Cup matches image

Especially for you who attend the event in the place of occurrence, in this case – Russia.

Fans from every corner of the world have gathered together in this once-in-4-years event, long-awaited sporting event. Some to support the team of their nation and some just to enjoy the beautiful game of the stars of football/soccer all in one place.

Something seems to be trying to ruin the show, though. And scammers using the internet to deceive and cheat people, are not an outsider on this. Let’s see the ways how to avoid them, and keep yourself safe.

What is World Cup Scam About?

Today I decided to bring to attention the most recent scam that is the selling of “unreal” tickets. Tickets that never were. The scammers sell tickets online and they fail to deliver them on time, and in most of the cases, they don’t deliver them at all.

Money lost. The match you paid for, is missed. What more?

The fear that this can happen to you again, remains.

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Ways to Avoid World Cup Scams

The list that I am about to show you below is critical for you to have an eye on before deciding to make your next purchase on a world cup match ticket. Let’s deep in!

  • Fake Ticket Stores – The fraudulent operate through opening a fake online store where you are offered world cup matches’ tickets, and that in a slightly reduced price, most of the time. And you should avoid that.
  • Email – Scams are widespread and they are working hard to bait anyone whiles the World Cup is still on, therefore they are sending emails from any illegal source they are getting and offering world cup tickets for slightly reduced prices. Don’t fall for that. When it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
  • FIFA World Cup Tickets Store – Let FIFA be the only source you go to when buying the ticket for any match of the world cup in Russia. Trustworthy, leaving no place for you to drop your money in a black hole with no way out.

Bonus Tip: IF for any reason you still decide to trust an online seller and decided to make a purchase then make sure you pay ONLY through Credit Card, as you will still have a chance to get your money back even if the unwanted happens.

Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia image
Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia

It doesn’t cost a thing to take a good advice and double-check some more information on the seller on the internet, while it can save plenty of money and disappointment.

Make your online purchase on your favorite World Cup match safely and enjoy the match.


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